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On the traffic leader kcbs sunshine afternoon temperatures a little bit cooler than yesterday we're topping out mostly in the low to mid seventy tonight we're going to see clear skies to start things off more clouds in the mix overnight it's going to get breezy overnight as well temperatures in the upper forty s to low fifties then tomorrow mostly cloudy with some drizzle of the coast and bay partly cloudy to sunny in the afternoon very breezy again and temperatures perhaps this little bit warmer tomorrow traffic and weather together on the eighths on all news six nine and am seven forty kcbs breaking news on the bay area's news station kcbs san jose fire crews are responding to oak grove high school where several students have gotten sick kcbs as my cogan joins us live from the campus with the latest mike let's see mike do we have i believe we have your here's students eleven students and adults were on this classroom when they got sick at joining us live out is a sales a fire department spokesman matt matlock what what happened so what happened was shortly after three o'clock our communication center was notified that there were a bunch of students and adults in this classroom who were having respiratory difficulty when we got on scene the students removed outside currently we have eleven people who are suffering from symptoms they're being decontaminated now as we speak two of them were wet through emergency dconn and they have been loaded into ambulances and they're being transported to local hospitals there were also a group of students who have already left the school those students are being asked to return to the campus so we can make sure that if they need to be decontaminated they get proper care important that they come back right now we don't know what the material is that caused people to get sick we have a hazardous materials team inside that classroom trying to figure that out but in the meantime we don't want that getting spread all over the city on the front lawn of the school you've got a fire department that you gotta hose martha wash down some students going on one of the ways we have of decontaminating people who get.

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