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Forecast or every year that talks about the negative value attributed to lower end catchers, and I don't want a guy getting negative Allieu on my teams on willing to kind of take a shot on a guy a little bit earlier in a two catcher format then I necessarily would just because I don't. That guy giving me negative value. Great. I mean, it talks also talked about this for a while for me. He's always been one of the best guys around catchers when I've been in drafts with him. He he's not afraid to spend money a catcher and go out get in the catch elite to go and spend money on the to look I was looking at my whole leagues where he retargeting and found that it's in my A-league, I have Sarino set one dollar then by the place. Why are the other catch on the Nova turn their of it in my national it my all was Austin Barnes and Tucker Barnhart, and I have them for one and two dollars. Now in this in that, particularly you only to keep seven days, and even those prices I still have other guys that I wanna keep as so I'm gonna throw those guys back in. There's some upside in that. But I thinking that's not there's other guys was with limited keepers as not worth it. But if I didn't have keepers, I would probably keep both those guys and just move forward. Because I think Barnhart is doesn't kill you. There's a little bit of upside air in Austin Barnes depends, which I have him shows up at that price of willing to take that that, but that's one of those examples where league format they keep her situation dictates what I'm going to completely. Let's let's jump into tears and talk about the first year, which is only two players as Gary Sanchez in JT, real Muto. And if you look in the show notes over on your whatever podcast player using you can see put the ADP's. I was absolutely shocked that Gary Sanchez is still going ahead of JT muzo after last year. What are your thoughts on these guys? Do you want either of them? And who would you take over the other? I would take real policies trade. With you look at that. Miami Marlins lineup. Why in the hell would you pitch to this guy? That's by. But as soon as he traded that concerned goes away right now, the ADP is essentially time that the eight point six fifty nine point four. That's the time. So associated straight. It's Joe better lineup real user number one Cheshire in in my in my book that said am I willing to spend a pick in the first five rounds of twelve team makes league on a catcher. No, I'm not a Sanchez. I have concerns about him. He had that that his front shoulder surgery on November eighth? So that disrupts what he's been able to do in the season to get him..

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