Massachusetts, Baker, Stan Rosenberg discussed on Morning Meeting


I don't know that we've had a similar republican governor boston mayor love fast like this in the history massachusetts i don't i you know it'd be one thing if i thought everything baker did was terrible eight he definitely because he's got these what's the word alliances has gone entirely democratic or entirely democrat but but i at any rate e it's interesting to sort of see what aspect that has had on his reelection and he is in general how he does things right because i mean governor that not only has good relationships me with at the time he had a good relationship with senate president stan rosenberg when he first started out at a good relationship was deleo not only that though made a big effort to have relationship with other lawmakers who were influential and key and then also has a good relationship with the boston mayor that's that's some impressive stuff that's a lot of work and if somebody like a governor deval patrick or even when a president obama had done that that would be huge i'm not talking about the mayor stuff obviously but i'm saying like that's sort of outreach that's sort of i connect with you on a human level even if we're going to disagree on whatever and it does i i don't know i don't know if duval patrick did try that i know that he had that this stupid he had the stupid picnic at the sweet pea farms twenty first that i don't know it just didn't seem you know what it was it was impersonal you know what baker did baker didn't hold a big picnic for every single lawmaker in a way that he can he he reached out personally to lawmakers made a point of knowing what's up in their lives so that he could talk to them about it and that's how you make a connection not by some you know a big party that unfortunately remains anonymous obviously you'll talk to people at that party you'll be able to talk to a lot of lawmakers at once but it just doesn't end up being the same thing and and yeah it's if you're somebody who's really throwing a party it was kind of a barbecue wasn't it then you wouldn't do it two hours away from boston.

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