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Cool music you're up there on next what would your friend with full around a bunch of all one really cool music a lot of it is very educational very educational and those that have a problem with that well no scores all out man and struggles will be shot now we weeded out the vast majority of squares that don't hang around for the stuff that's cool. think about Monday through Thursday where we are pretty much the blunt instrument of news and information truth straight up truth right your face all right now all that was Norman Greenbaum last Burton sky cities never been a center that's why sentence apply I you can't get away from it as soon as you tell even one minor alive. there you go and when you know it's interesting when you go down. the list. of the ten commandments yeah pick one of those that you ain't guilty of breaking a warm. not everyone. the OB doc Republicans are meeting on mac an island right now usually so enter up there having a good time to post pictures. they're showing you that they're up there Khan fabric and they're going to do I don't know what you're going to. they're going to try and get people elected I know that and the the the the real plus side to this and I've been a couple of these couple people rami aren't you coming you gotta gore this got Norco I love the free food and I used to all the free booze don't drink anymore that that's all over the island when this is going on and I love the social end of it but I'm really pissed off the Republican Party now and I'm not trying to manage anybody's chances of being a Democrat we we can not in any way shape and or form allow a Democrat socialist to hold any office anywhere in America. and if you're working toward their you make that happen shame on you these people are enemies of America Republicans are not enemies of America no there are some that are straight of globalists that play along with the enemies of American they buy him. at a certain level of the food chain yeah there's a few of my father but every Democrat on the planet is an enemy of America either a wishful thinking moron are useful idiot or straight up central plan that's it that there's no ifs ands or buts about it but the Republicans on the other hand are so stupid that they keep letting these guys when they really do I just saw a picture of a common and I could believe it's in the Grand Hotel rivers hanging out of the hotel that's a place so there's a whole bunch of cool places to be that's one of actually I want to say the least cool place this out back in Iowa but it's nice it's nice the pork chops are a cocktail party is outstanding they do that every night I'll be doing that tonight this is probably going on right now but do ya the picture that I I commented on there's bill sureties generator. bill fricking shooting showing his face why he's a Republican he's a Michigan Republican what what. the whole thing could he have to say on any level that anybody would listen to Judy I think the only real job was used to scoop ice cream it Ferrell's. what ever happened for alleged electoral. we went over here Briarwood mall love going to that but in a split manners because of walks away. but anyway that's so it should be used to do and lest brag about that looks to walk around serve coffee at tables and I say he's here to server whatever bill should be at your service but the whole sky what input would he have I mean he pretty much handed the election to. aggression Wimmer he did and his team as well stupid and the other one up there that's really stupid is Randy Richardville he's up there. I rest. what's what's the point of order well they're going to get a drink at a few people looked at and there's a good guys up there I say mathematics one of yeah yes because of I like I like a lot of times she's good to but man it's just a and I don't know there's Shane a trail whatever's names and he's a good guy. but let's see there's three there's three. the Republican confab American island by the way Republicans if you're up there right now. and I'm gonna give you piece of advice can I give this advice yesterday if you're up there what you want to do is make sure that you get over to the barbecue if it's still functioning a behind the court okay there you go you're welcome get that barbecue I have dinner there one of the nights get to that barbecue that's behind the Iroquois. and strap on the feed bag is there some kind of a sampler platter get it but by all means get the ribs and get the ball parking it's chicken. I can't give any of the reason I go there. we can other than that now I know that the to stay in the grand I think the discounted rate is eleven thousand five hundred dollars a night for a room that smells like it was put together in eighteen thirty two I think that's it I think that's about it you're on the edge alternate about music Friday..

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