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I gotta tell you, I am fired up today. I was excited to radio, but something happened this morning on my drive to the studio, and it has me literally lit up on fire. I can't wait to tell you guys about it because I'm not only lit up. I am pissed off right now and I gotta get something off my chest. That's going to be coming up in the first segment. We're, we're throwing everything up in the air today just because this happened and shook my day up and I gotta tell you guys about it, and I definitely want you to chime in on social media when I do that's coming up in the next segment, but we got an epic epic show lineup today. If you like offroad, boom, this is where it's at today. Going back to our roots like from six years ago, man, we are talking offroad today. That was like the big motor sports over the weekend. You gotta talk, it free. Friend, Cameron steel. You know him from ESPN x. games from being a TV personality with math TV. Well, Mr Cameron steel took his very first ever trophy truck victory and score this past weekend. He is going to be on the line talking about his amazing run down there and Bob, this past weekend, and then we've got my Palermo's razor teammate, Mr. RJ Anderson. He absolutely destroyed the field in pro two and pro four. This weekend Eglin Helen in his in Lucas oil, and we got our Janssen on the line and he's gonna talk about his epic weekend as well as a new players razors drop. So always fun having Mr. RJ Anderson. We've also got some massive s. t. news that stadium super trucks. We've got NHRA to talk about, obviously, score Lucas oil. We've got just a ton of content Nitra world games. A lot of it coming at you here today on the down and dirty radio show powered by police raise you wanna. Hang tight..

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