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Well in studio with me here carefree is sarah frier she's a technology reporter for bloomberg and we're gonna talk a little bit about snap and today's headline it is the last day of q one and snap has made a move looks like it's continuing its plan what went down well snap is doing the latest round of restructuring cutting one hundred employees from the ads side of the business this is following cuts that they already did an engineering and in content so rounding out this big project that they've been doing to try to make sure that after all the fast hiring they've done to build up their advertising business that they need maybe went a little too far in her now figuring out which employees are useful which ones aren't really hard day for a lot of people in venice today i've been blown out on the last day of a quarter before it's never fun so after ipo and a lot of really kind of nightmarish revenue quarters they started to show a little bit of growth in q four does this cut may i guess you'd say make it right sized when it comes to its labor force snap snap is it a plane we're spending a whole lot more than it makes it's still losing money the company has to pay google and amazon for server space they don't own their own servers that's a huge cost and then you know thousands of employees around the world always offices they're in a position that's really difficult because they're trying to carve out a small slice of this market that's just dominated by google and facebook in order to truly compete they need to have the staff to do it but they also need to be really nimble consider considering you know what resources they actually must have versus what they can afford to do without and so it's gonna be it's gonna be tough so you just jump in for a second you know what's interesting sarah's too so as their cutback workers maybe figure out the kind of workers they really need to build this business i'm thinking about evan spiegel and the other people in the c suite do they have the.

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