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How'd you describe loving kindness or meta m. e. t. t. a. practice. What is it so metta practice as opposed to just meta itself. Either or both. Well i mean say. That's even a really important distinction from me. So there's a traditional meta practice. we call it. Traditional the booted did not teach it. But it comes from. I think about five hundred. Eighty the surrey margareta so the path purification which was a commentary on the teachings of the buddha and in that we find this practice which really was made most famous by sharon salzberg. Who i know it you know. And it's a very intentional way of trying to develop loving feelings and it uses phrases where you repeat phrases. Typically may i be happy may be peaceful may be safe. May you be happy. May you be peaceful may be safe and there are many other variations on the phrases but along those lines. So they're just noticing that they are not sort of exactly prayers and they're not demands but they're sort of requests the systematic part. Besides the phrases is that we go through different categories of people starting with the self not necessarily often starting with self. Some people prefer to start with something easier like your cat. You know which is not a person. I guess but Could be helpful easy one to feel love towards so we kind of start with the easy ones and then work with our dear ones and then work with what we call neutral people just just sorta like everybody that you don't know essentially and then into difficult people and often it's just you pick one difficult person and so after you've gone through those categories repeating these phrases and kind of feeling the breath and your body feeling the breath in your heart center in the middle of the chest so you're trying to kind of connect with this feeling. Then once you go through those categories than you do a practice called radiating to sort of radiating loving kindness out to all beings ultimate land and i. I like to do that. Sort of almost geographical way imagining where i live my neighborhood and then my city and then outward around the planet and you can do the whole universe. If you're you know

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