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Who's going to win the Premier League because Liverpool is so far clear of the field. I mean you're KLOPP in his boys have been an accident. At the top of the Premier League fifty eight points for Liverpool currently thirteen clear of Leicester City fourteen clear of Manchester City. We've got an interesting adjusted table if you take out V. A. R. From the equation to look at a little bit later in the show. That'll be an interesting discussion point. Moving forward but Liverpool is so oh four clear so far clearly the best team in the premier league and they just have so many points until it's going to be near impossible to catch them and if Liverpool blows a thirteen to fourteen point lead in January if Liverpool are champions of the Premier League. It'll be the worst collapse collapse in sports of the year for sure and for Liverpool fans. It'll be the hardest pills to swallow because think about this. If they blow the lead in the Premier League they will have back to back seasons of this the third highest point total in Premier League. History they don't win the League Doc. Having won the league since one thousand nine hundred ninety seven points. Don't win the League. Lose it by one point to Manchester City then the next year you're undefeated over halfway through through the season and then you blow the lead that would be a disaster of all disasters. It's something that is only one percent chance to happen but a disaster of all disasters. So what makes this game so interesting because Liverpool as in loss and it's a huge story that we only have two teams in Premier League history that have been able to complete a perfect run on only one team in the modern modern era two thousand and three and four arsenal. We remember that run. And so it's intriguing. Can they compete compete for and complete a perfect season and that means every time. There's a team that's closer to the upper. Half of the table like Tottenham Hotspur currently sitting in sixth place. Just one point behind Manchester United but a whole twenty eight points behind Liverpool. It's it's crazy the gap there between just the six place as in the first place team in the premier league but every time there's a team in the upper half of the table every time there's a team with good name recognition with a famous manager and Jose Marino. Oh and it really talented roster which we know the spurs have every time that that matchup will happen for the rest of the season. It's going to be the game of the weekend because a team team pursuing an undefeated season in any sport even a soccer season. Even more so is going to be the most intriguing matchup of the weekend now. We mentioned that Harry Caine was going to be missing from the match up between Tottenham and liberal and there is a really really small argument that I've seen made and I agree with that. Maybe just maybe missing a star player like Harry Kane could help you win just one match against Liverpool and here the reasons why so with hurricane out there hosing Marino's a pretty confident guy and view of hurricane upfront. You can make an argument. You might have the most talented if not the second or third most talented player on the pitch. You can make an argument that you're midfield can compete with Liverpool. Pull in yes. They're playing really well as a team right now. But Jose Marino can make an argument to his self that they are not that far away in with hurricane out there I think they would play Liverpool report almost straight up but now you remove Harry taint from the equation. It's going to force Marino to sit down at his desk and say. How do we win this without hurricane? Well I think this is should have been their strategy with hurricane but removing Harry Kane is GonNa Force Marino to muddy this one park the bus. Sit back dig deep for chances. Understand your large underdog and just try to go out there and grab a win dirty the up the game not necessarily play dirty but you muddy it up you play more on your side of the pitch you wait for your counterattacking opportunities you you just try to not get blown off the pitch in the first half you stay in the game you hope for free kick in your advantage. You hope to execute on your set-pieces you just hope for goals to go. Oh you're way we see underdogs play like this all the time. It's not how I think Tana would have played with Harry Canaan lineup. Now Harry Canes removed. I think it actually improves improves. Tottenham's chances for a win tomorrow. I really do I think it improves. It's slightly but I still put it about only twenty one percent chance that they go Out there and get a win. I just don't see it happening. I think Liverpool is rolling on all cylinders. Not just rolling individually not just rolling the managership not just rolling off field new. You deal with Nike coming for Liverpool. But they're a team they really play together. And this is something that the more I've I've sat and I've looked at great teams from the past especially especially World Cup Championship. Teams individual talent is highly overrated sport. We treat soccer stars like NBA stars. We believe that they affect the game. The results of the game just as much as Lebron James affects it in basketball but in football right in American football this the same amount of players on the field offense and defense as in soccer so I think that instead of treating reading a lot of soccer superstars as NBA superstars to wear Harry Kane carries ton of Hotspur. The Way Lebron James carries carries the Lakers or James Harden carries the Houston Rockets or Michael Jordan carried the Bulls in the ninety so on and so forth instead of thinking of them like that we look look at what Liverpool is done which they are a complete unit that has this beautiful German machine like mentality and the array to play and I think the German national team and we mentioned your claw who who who managed the door but who manage couple of the players that ended up on that German national team that won the World Cup up in two thousand fourteen. Mario guns at the top of that list who scored the game winning goal. Let's look at the difference between the twenty fourteen German team and the twenty eighteen German. Not When you look at roster when you look at talent the two thousand eighteen squad was better everybody that was young and really good got older got more experienced. They felt like a more talented team. A couple more players with real high level international success the same manager manager returning but they got in their heads. They came a little cocky where the Germans were the defending world champions. We won in two thousand fourteen and they became more of a team of individuals instead of a team which goes against completely what the German national federation has been building up since nineteen eighteen fifty four when they were allowed back in the world stage international soccer which is that time and time again. The Germans might be outclassed by individuals on the opposite team Diego. Maradona Donna at the top of the list. Lionel Messi in twenty fourteen you can go through a whole bunch of players that were individually better and most teams had three or four players is that were individually better than the individuals on the German team but as a team as the German machine. The Germans were unbelievably unstoppable because they played as a unit they played their style. Everybody knew their role in starred within it and your club has taken this identity that that worked in two thousand fourteen for the German national team and worked for his dorm and teams at the beginning of the decade in. This is why he was so eager to sell his superstars. When he played for Borussia Dortmund he had no time for over the top star players? And if you wanted to leave for big money and go you play a buyer Munich. Be My guest is what you're upset. And he's taken that attitude and he's gone the talent at high level because Liverpool absolutely filled with talented players. He's taken that talent. And he's added this German level of do your job do it to perfection fulfil your role role. And that's what's made Liverpool. Absolutely unstoppable at the top of the Premier League for the last two years. It's why they won the Champions League because they took the the individual talent that we often see in the premier league time and time again we see the premier league squads have the highest paid and most talented players in world soccer. It's the most popular buehler soccer league in the world and one of the two or three most popular sports leagues in the world. He's taken that individual individual talent. That high priced players. And he's Broughton this team mentality to that we really haven't seen in the premier league in a very very long time team mentality that maybe you saw Leicester City when they made the run and won the premier league. Y- Jimmy Bharti starring. But what else and. I'm hoping that this will catch on across soccer. And I'm hoping that it catches on for Tottenham Hotspur this weekend so we can see a really competitive and challenging match for Liverpool because has it is fun to watch them when we after week. But it's not fun if they're just GONNA blow everybody off the pitch so I wanna see an exciting match from Tottenham Hotspur challenged awesome play. Team style play your role muddy. The game up score on counter-attacks inset pieces and baby just maybe you can sneak out of there with a win that would be awfully exciting to see and I'm just so excited for the match this weekend and I just love. The strategy of your clubs team is called the GIG impress because it's German. I really do think the Germans play the best style of soccer for winning. Not necessarily the prettiest not necessarily the most you know fancy or popular style of soccer but I really do think the German style of pressing using high filling space working as a team and sharp. Quick passes to attack defenses while they're lax is just the most beautiful way to play soccer and watching the German national team in two thousand fourteen. They played that way. Beautifully two thousand eighteen not so much the case. Because they weren't a team they were team of stars. Right guys who had won the World Cup felt like they'd already done. It didn't need to try. Didn't need to fulfil their role and that's why team failed. And that's why Liverpool currently is succeeding beyond all expectations all expectations currently in the Premier League. But it's they've been assisted by a modern piece of technology. VR Is a highly controversial in the premier league. A couple of weeks ago there was just an absolute absolute disaster over the weekend. It's consistently made the headlines this year in the Premier League and that means I want to touch on it a little bit more. We had a really interesting interesting article. Come out from ESPN. Del Johnson wrote it. We will dive into that article. It dives into the anti VR table. So what if breath. VR did not exist the premier league a couple years ago or the entire time. We've been watching soccer. How would the table look how? How much has affected the Premier Li table? The results will really surprise you. We come with that on the other side of the break. You're listening to the GSM. See Soccer Doc. PODCASTS tired.

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