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In through by these people they're young women out there who is joint all who is going to get salary love bad dudes and i think she was one of those so uh how much of the manson legend jim from vincent bugliosi member him of course okay now he was a great a kind of a pt barnum of you know celebrating the trial he was the uh you know um he was the greta van susteren of that try he nausea she w what she was to the o j trial a burglar she was all over that manson trail he and then he wrote a selling book of more came a celebrity in his own right he really pumped up the legend of charlie mentioned in well yassin again manson really was you know he's the grandfather of true crime when it comes to the fascination we're going to a crime khan in the nashville tennessee i think it's in february 2018 these things are huge so with them because of works like googly aussies think it was outlawed do you think he was essentially the legend of mansion was written by other people not by himself charlie manson didn't have a lot of time over he had a lot of time not a lot of ability to share his story in his own words so absolutely the cult the narrative of charles manson really if you think of the truth of the matter is again it was just a group of people who wanted to had a bunch of sex who wanted to do a lot of drugs who wanted to be left alone and then as the drugs and you know the sort of you don't toxication of nonstop sex an orgy is wore off they started thinking race war the conversation just spiralled out of control and it led to these events of the tape bianco bianca murders but at the manson was not there but of course you know the way that the narrative went a he was the one who are orchestrated all again tex watson abandoned began nanotech swat sought i believe he's still alive i think he stole turn on an eight three three eight five two four eight six six i'm here with ben kissel this is lou show and.

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