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Driving American jobs dot com that's driving American jobs dot com Orosa the former aide to President Trump has new book out and she has been alleging among other things that Donald Trump has used the inward and. That Donald Trump wants to start a race war. We're talking about that later on But I the LA times decided, not to join with hundreds of other newspapers all of which wrote editorials on the same day chastise and the president for his in their. View attack on the free press I don't usually agree with anything the LA times editorial editorial license about editorialize it's about but this one I did They. Basically said the reason we're. Not participating we don't wanna fall into Trump's, hands Trump's saying that we're a big cabal we all, they can lockstep and here we are proving very point quote the president himself already treats the media as a ball enemies. Of the people he has called us suggesting over and over that we're in cahoots to do damage to the country the idea. Of joining together to protest him seems almost? To encourage that kind of conspiracy thinking by the president and his loyalists why. Give them, ammunition to scream about collusion We we mean no disrespect to those who've decided to write on this important. Subject today but we will continue to write about the issue and on our own schedule end of quote sign nNcholas Goldberg the. Editor of the Los Angeles Times editorial pages Now the New York Times, editorial, page just hire that woman named, Sarah John we talked. About her before it went, on, vacation she's the tech writer who said a bunch of pretty harsh things about white, about men about cops and the New York? Times defended her by saying well when? She said the harsh thing. She said about whites she was simply being satiric oh she was imitating the same vulgar, kinds of language that she gets when she tweets what did they have to. Do with cops, would, it have. To do with men they gave her a pass During? The nineteen Ninety-two campaign October George Herbert. Walker Bush trying to get reelected run against Bill Clinton I mentioned. This to you before Investor's business daily found That in October of nineteen Ninety-two of the, month before the election ninety percent of the economic news. In newspapers was negative even though we were on about the fifteenth. Or sixteenth consecutive month Of. Positive economic growth ninety percent of the economic news in newspapers snake I'm sorry the recovery. Was into its, nineteenth consecutive months yet much of, the news was negative the next, month November nineteen Ninety-two after the election guess what Investor business, daily looked at. The same, newspaper's economic news coverage only fourteen percent of what's negative a dramatic decline in the. Negativity and dramatic, upswing in positive economic news pork. Pork wa The recession that President Obama dealt with is, often called, the great, recession Never mind that unemployment got higher In the downturn that Reagan deal with Never mind inflation was much higher in the downturn that Reagan had to deal with Never mind prime interest, rates were substantially higher in the downturn that Reagan had to deal with the, media do not call the conditions that, Reagan had. To deal with the great recession but they call the conditions at all Obama had to deal with the, great? Recession and. They talk about the numbers of jobs that were being loss and I get that but I, was the most important number numbers were inflation unemployment interest rates until they no, longer were the most important criteria right So the New York Times the LA times smartly in my opinion decided not to join because all they're doing is, giving energy to the, notion that the media thinking lops lockstep only seven percent or so of them self described as Republican overwhelmingly support left wing causes Washington Post has an has an endorsed a Republican president in their history new your times hasn't endorsed a Republican president since nineteen fifty-six and you wonder just wonder why we feel this way You wonder why we. Distrust you triple eight nine seven one? S. a. g. e. d. c. e. o. of Twitter Jack Dorsey admits. The Twitter has a liberal bias the president called you out, for shadow banning, what is the truth around that idea So I think a. Lot of the the statements behind the statement. Of the question behind the question is Look settled banning is a very widely defined term there's. Not one signal definition so the definition that we found that seems to resonate with the most people is Not amplifying particular messages or, if someone puts out a tweet hiding that tweet from everyone without that person who tweeted it, knowing about it so but the real question behind the question is are. We doing something according to political ideology or if your points and we are not. Period we do not look at content. With regards to political viewpoint. Or ideology we look at behavior and we use that behavior as a signal to To add to relevant we need to constantly, show that we are not adding our own bias which I fully admit is is left is, more left leaning and I think it's important to articulate our bias into. Anti and to share with share it with people's that people understand us But we need to remove all, bias.

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