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And batons and shields. But they're actually spraying a lot of pepper spray through the people who are actually just trying to defend themselves and actually verifiable thing that have never really happened to a lot of citizens. Protesters are concerned about the integrity of the territory civil rights judicial system watermelons are casting ballots for president today. Nineteen candidates are running many promising to stem migration to the US this. Is NPR from K, Q, E, D news. I'm Jeremy Siegel. A concord man is in custody after being arrested for allegedly threatening online to conduct mass shooting against Jews. The East Bay times reports the FBI received a tip last week from the video game platform steam, the twenty three year old Anthony Farka had repeatedly posted about wanting to kill Jewish, people reporter Nate Gartrell suspects. Uh screen name was off Hitler and then six million, which is obviously a reference to the number of Jews that were killed during the holocaust, and there's even a comment about wanting to livestream the massacre, while wearing a Nazi even form. Farkas next court appearance is scheduled for later this month. Santa Clara county wants to help more transgender residents. Find work in local government kick, you Sarah Husseini reports. Nearly a dozen county agencies held the area's first transgender job fair on Saturday. You wanna go with an Asher tone. So does in look how to place at the Billy to Frank L G P T center in San Jose? Michelle Supriyanto gets tips on using powder to fill in her hairline before going down to check out the recruitment booths soprano came out as transgender lead in life, just three years ago. Transitioning, it was a concern to me about what it was going to do to my career. How hard it would be refined another job or how would be accepted, even with in my own space, Cipriano is a successful entrepreneur, who's interested in government work the economic outlook for transgender people as a whole stark, they report three times, the unemployment rates and four times the chances of having a household income under ten thousand dollars. Supervisor. Cindy Chavez says she hopes the county can make dent locally. We're the third largest employer.

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