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I was like oh okay and german get up and do twenty and we were like twenty one. That like twenty minutes of what's of standup twenty minutes of standup on live television. Wow yeah and then do a quick five around each one of the comics face white any just like okay okay. Okay and so. We went out to dinner and he goes all right. Here's the deal you're gonna tell me a story right now that you just jump on this story and i told the story about taking my mother to the golden globes and we ran into meryl streep and my mom literally frozen and couldn't move good. Speak long just like this. You know she's been my acting teacher to delta kid. We love for anyway so he goes to deal. Forget about doing standup. You can't learn this data to twenty four hours. He goes first of all. You have to play into what their perception of view is. They all think you're our goal so at various times you're going to get phone calls and tax and you're gonna just keep celebrating yourself with various offers and what. The plants plants this misconception. We don't have any time. And you're gonna continuously tried to tell the story plant himself in the second borodin you're gonna throw me out. We figured out a way to kabul twenty minutes on live television. I've never seen it. Because with what i know. Now it's the scariest thing in the world and ignorance was bliss. Because i did it. I just did it. I so it wasn't stand up. It will just like surviving a end the commitment on your part i feel like you've that's been a big no choice. Yeah well choice but you chose. I feel like an. It's a second nature. Move for you. And i feel like it's always been this if you're on the stage since you were fucking eight which is crazy to me. I mean especially in. Stand up. Because i've seen you just go you commit to stuff and that's one of the things i think we talked about where it was like and i think that's something that most comics i'm fifteen years in. Still try to challenge yourself with like whether it's a new bit or you're in the pocket onstage. Riffing on something just a fucking stay in it and not bail because you know you're you know you're going to be mad at yourself afterwards. You don't get to fully see how that bit was or grow. Your won't take steps backwards if you don't go for it and you know i just think that that's an easier said than done trade but i feel like you've had that for a hot minute and i'm sure that you've told me filming entourage. How much for a character like that. You the confidence level. I think just for you. Jeremy piven already at a at a sweet spot. But i mean you tell me. You're taking that up for our gold. Yeah i mean how much of that are you like. Nothing's gonna face this guy do you dissect things pre show of like all right here the times when this guy is gonna maybe show signs of i don't know true humanity or or not weakness but where he can wears buttons can get pushed to where he can kinda. You reveal a softer side. Yeah doug ellin wrote a brilliant script and and in a real interesting way. I think he might be. The real oregon. Old notes really truly bait is truly based on our emmanuel. Obviously who runs william morris endeavor and bought the ocd kind of titan in the entertainment industry and So it's based on him but the therapy scenes were kind of taken right from bugs life you know. And that's why they felt so real so if you just invest in all the gibbons and throw yourself in you. I was in good hands with that but that dialogue and i had to. It was my job to make it all feel improvisational when the reality is that he was really looking at every word and making sure that you know it was kind of like your tortured. Can't start riffing on. Can you imagine improv hebrew. I do. I do probably. Oh my god all right. This is not the way to people to come to your shows the last ten minutes i store readings like jesus christ will no. I mean it's because i grew up. I was the only white boy and so i was a terrible bar mitzvah student and the only way to learn by outdoor boards to do. It was to wrap it. So i stage at a certain point in my. I don't do anymore. But i would wrap in hebrew. You got me back. My interest is paid. Tanya beret shimada not iraq. May it's albion till sweat.

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