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Thank you at that time that time in the show way Wish You A shout out to our beloved clients of the O'Donnell Financial Group, Soto Care and Jennifer Marina Joshua Shelly, Caitlin Patrick, Susan, Kathy, Robert Shannon, Now Jeffrey Craig, Elsa Martin, John Christine Angelica Sharon. Timothy, Mary, Raphael, Howard, Joseph, Wally Augustine Kin and glad of their very, very, very, very happy birthday chip. All of you this weekend E. But you're all wondering and make sure that many people having a birthday I thought that my birthday was my day. But If you didn't know Work on average 16,438,356 birthdays her day. So to all of you a very, very, very happy birthday. And I guess I would be remiss if not reminding you to check out or encouraging you to read my birthday White paper on the website. I really have two of them. What is called why 59 a half is so important. And the other is important Birthdays over the.

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