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Yeah exactly. I think it probably wasn't a big surprise. State was understandably kicked off Played really well. And then further We've found out monday morning. That kindle more issue's primary ball and and really a leader on the team was going to be out here at a family matter that tend to and so you know the stay at ten miles who you know former coaches right now. Kind of an analyst. Wait for another. Coaching job know he called them. Big ten defense. Yeah that's their long. They're crazy athletic. So when you lose a ball handler against a team. That's already pretty ticked off. They're gonna be in trouble sure enough. They built a huge lead on twenty nine points. The if you cut down to thirteen but never really threatened to make a comeback So the good and the bad the bad. Obviously it's these flow starts They've had it in more than just these two games. That's kind of a trend right now so to figure that out because that will bite you long term. It has not yet. i'm obviously get loose. Dantonio save i. Don't think that's a. You know a shocker or anything. But you can't keep doing that so they figure that out but like i say the good is you go to san diego and just split which i ever anyone. That's going to san diego this year with If you offer them right now split they would take it and run. Yeah well and a lot of people looking at this team and what they needed to do this weekend. It was a statement to at least split like you mentioned because of that saint. Mary's gain they had early on in the year. This kind of proves that okay. That was just one really really bad night. Yeah exactly. I think we talked about that. That was probably going to be an aberration. Say mary's was basically a third into their season. Nca you think saint. Mary's has made games that had practices at that point. So it set up to be a disaster. Like i say we kinda thought it was going to be an aberration. But you have to see. I think that's kind of improving true now so You know if it turns into a situation where she issues on the you know a tournament bubble. Which obviously that's way too early talk about that but you know it'd be interesting to see how the committee looks about saint mary's game but we look at the mitigating factors. It's probably not shocked that one went haywire but going beating sanders they. I think kinda shows. This team is You know. I don't think they're gonna win the mountain west this year but i think they're showing that they are still moving in the right direction to get into that upper tier of the league talking with kevin lionel of the fort collins colorado and niko medved just continues to prove why he was the absolute right higher To to come in to see us you what has he been talking about what he's slow starts and what. What has what has his thoughts ban on on the team as they've had quite a few lineup changes and starting lineup changes as well. Yeah he You know we talked about last night and said yes. It's the problem.

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