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And you're fresh start emotionally and everything else is vitally vitally important allah is with us in phoenix say welcome to the dave ramsey show hey dave how are you doing today serve what's up uh had adequate question my kids had been pasture and make you know i'm sixty years old and uh now they they know i don't have our anything toward retirement of michael out of american check to check and you say well why don't you go ahead and by how bad way it will be an paying somebody else's mortgage is what they're looking at my just had a got five through the va parreira our on one hundred twenty pound dollar home here and uh that would basically be half of my income every month in mortgage eminent dominic cork do on no that stupid that is in your house payments half of your half of your takehome pay doj your starving to death your house for a dunk idea what is your in what's your income sir my andrew lloyd he will be going to be calm me and my bankruptcy earlier in life uh twenty eight thousand year luca right well we probably if i were going to work on something in your scenario out burke on my income side and and find something that in spite of the economy in spite of the bankruptcy several years ago you still are able to make and make an make and make more money right that's going to keep trying to do that is going to help your question more than any in this scenario but no you you don't want house payment that's half of your takehome pay that's not going to be a blessing to you that is going to put you on the on the ropes man this is going to be taken the fun out of your life and you're gonna be right back into the bankruptcy thing again so we don't want to go there not only not only a home is in a good idea even at age sixty but or at age seventy year at age eighty it's not a bad thing.

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