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Weather modification and geo engineering play into the idea of a twinned Emmick? That may be happening. An overlap of both covert 19 flew before the election. It seems that the weather is changing drastically. And it's just we've just left left the Labor Day weekend. We're starting. It is the end of the Labor Day weekend today. I mean, I forget that this is the holiday and that we are working a lot of people, you know, think that maybe this is a rerun, but it's not a rerun. This is live. And back in the day. May, of course, was I think was May 23rd just before Memorial Day we were talking About how the director of Department of Health and Human Services Biomedical Advanced Research Development Authority, Rick Bright Was basically he was a whistleblower, and he was all over the mainstream news, saying, Beware of the darkest winter in modern history. No one knew what he meant by that, And the only thing I could think of was dark winter. The project Dark winter, which was a Neve Ent, where an early winter was supposed to arrive, it would be signified by a number of Atlantic storms. And the Eastern landing would be hit and, of course around black Friday, when we do the shopping, everybody would be spreading flu or some sort of a pathogen. And this was the idea that it was carried out back in. 2000 won Well. Dark winner, of course, is geo engineer have been because it was a military exercise in the military, of course, has a ah weather modification system or they say they want on the weather by 2025. We have the document. About. It's called weather warfare. The only weather at 2025 R Force multiplier. We have that in aftermath dot media tonight, So if you want to go through it and read about it, it's documented that this is something Today, we're going to do now We know that the Eastern Atlantic is going to be quite active in the next few days because of some tropical depressions that at least four different storms. Now forming in the Atlantic. They've been monitoring them. They have anywhere between 40 right now. 40% chance. A couple remember 40% chance of getting worse. There's one that has a bigger chance of getting worse, basically bringing a very huge storm. To the Eastern Seaboard. And this is from the National Hurricane Center. And this is where they're where they're telling us. Ah, then you know, they do say that you know, there is a chance with whether things Khun fizzle out. But we have some different things going on in the weather Department. Of course, the big news is this 50 to 60 degree temperature change in one day. In Denver, Colorado, CBS News reported earlier today. Listen, Colorado is bracing for weather whiplash temperatures around 100. Denver today will be a distant memory by tomorrow. CBS News meteorologist Jeff Bureau Delhi We are about to experience a wild 60 to 70 degree swing in temperatures across the Rockies from the nineties to the thirties and twenties in 24 hours and a big snow storm as well. They have some amazing stuff going on. And of course, you know, it's not out of the question to see these types of drops happening in Denver, but not to have it happen. They don't happen this early in the year, though. And so people are curious as to why this is going on. This is unprecedented. We were talking with Jim Lee earlier about the possibility of modifications or at least environmental modification techniques. They're called N Ma. That's N M O D. It's for military usage. They constitute the president context of what would be used as environmental warfare. It's AH rarely acknowledged the debate on global climate change. The world's weather could now be modified is part of a new generation sophisticate electromagnetic weapons that both the United States, Russia and China have developed. They've been actually using to manipulate climate for some time now, environmental modification techniques have been applied in the U. S military for more than half a century, and there are a number of fact Jim had brought up. On interesting scenario that back in 1976. As the United States is celebrating its bicentennial bicentennial year, the U. S intelligence actually was monitoring thiss radar electromagnetic signals from the Soviet Union. It was a weather modification tool called the Woodpecker. And it was coming right out of Chernobyl. In fact, here's a sound clip of what that woodpeckers sounded like, and a lot of people picked up on and got very sick. A lot of people in well. Canada, Washington, Oregon, especially Corvallis, Eugene area, We're feeling sick and fatigue because this was coming.

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