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I hate those people who try to be clever and call us here on this show and try to get something over on us well you know sometimes that's easy to do we don't have all of the information on all subjects right at our fingertips but what got me was last week we had a caller call and he pretended he was from ohio and he said he was had never heard of progressive radio station well that should have been my first clue and he started in about all you know it was kinda glad to hear us but vinnie started criticizing us because he was a trump supporter and he said trump done a lot and so i've tried to get into this conversation about what trump had done for him i made the mistake along the way he's talking about him being from ohio so i thought well you know some industry has left ohio and i was going to i cited dhl well dhl left back in two thousand nine i think it was or two thousand eight and at eat in spite of the fact that ohio had given them incentives to stay in to maintain jobs they cut most jobs in the state of ohio they were a german on freight company so they got rid of most of the jobs but along the way it'd my point is i guess being a bit loquacious about this but along the way he pointed out to me that i was wrong that dhl had left a long time ago when i i knew it was.

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