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And particularly now in the post new tax law for most people and so when you look at that people say oh no no no no no no no i couldn't possibly i mean you couldn't rent my house i mean g not my house not my house not my house but and then then they'll say well then why is it that people buy houses to turn around and run them out and the answer is because they don't fully account for the cost when they do that and what they're hoping for is appreciation and they may get that appreciation which may be a little or a lot but it's always a lower return than not always almost always a low return than they think they have once they have it because they didn't account for the full coffin really the first one that i was just trying to urge people to do full accounting i mean why full yourself yeah it's it's it's easy to forget about the we just had a renter but we just had to move out of our house for four months for a backtoback termite than in black mold sessions so i think that causing landlord probably ten fifteen thousand dollars i imagined but a lot of people don't don't think about those things and costs people responded to my first call and saying that you own your own home which was actually within the second sentence of the column saying fool am i own my own home as an investment silly idea but why do i own my own home as i said in the piece because i can afford to i don't think of it as i'm doing it for an investment purpose doing it for a convenience purpose just like i own my desk i don't think on my desk goes and investment i think jason's wag had a good comment maybe as article about something like you know a home as an asset not not not an investment in he's kinda referring it to not necessarily as a financial asset you know a place where you can make a lot of memories and you build a family and have a home base and all the wonderful warm cozy feelings but not necessarily optimizing pure investment return as the main reason to to buy one which i think is pretty pretty solid advice.

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