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I Jackie Quinn AP digital news back in a moment now is the chance to use reliable energy to grow your money with the dominion energy reliability investments are new investment product offers competitive returns no maintenance fees and flexible online access to your money make the reliable investment in reliable energy the dominion energy reliability investments to find out more go online to reliability investment dot com that's reliability investment dot com or changes this time when it comes to searching out ads on its network A. P.'s met small reports the move comes in response to complaints of discrimination over who sees what and why Facebook will make advertisements for jobs loans and credit card offers searchable for all users voluntarily expanding on an agreement made with plaintiffs including the ACLU and the national fair housing alliance back in March when the social media giant agreed to make its U. S. housing ants searchable by location an advertiser following complaints of age race gender another discrimination blamed on Facebook highly customized ad targeting the social network expects to have the housing adds database ready by the end of this year and it's jobs and credit products databases available sometime in twenty twenty hi Matt small one of TV's most well known entertainers is helping foot the bill for some new college students Steve Harvey says he's committed to covering tuition for eight incoming freshmen at his alma mater Kent State University Kent state said in a release that the Stephen Marjorie Harvey foundation is work with the school to provide scholarships of about twenty three thousand dollars per student they must maintain a two point five grade point average for the funding to be renewed each semester the scholarships are in memory of Devon more against a student from Cleveland who died in twenty seventeen while playing basketball the University Center the school says the foundation also committed ten thousand dollars to ten states.

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