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A full quote unquote shut down if you will, and I don't know, Jack. What do you have to add to what Josh was saying that I'm sure he is formed a thought there. I don't think that we have seen the high point yet as we roll into the holidays with Thanksgiving as we hear more and more how they want to intervene in our personal lives. Um, it's it's not gonna be good. So I think I think he's going to hear the loudest cries in the weeks at hardest working investigative reporter in the business. Jack Windsor Wftv TV managing editor for the Ohio Star. Brother keep on fighting the good fight you are doing so good and we appreciate it. I speak on behalf of the thousands and thousands of people on social media that people that tens of millions of people that listen to this show I'm telling you, you're doing a fantastic job, but we appreciate it so much. I know it is exhausting for you the way you have to attack this not just on a weekly but a daily, even hourly basis. And it does not go unnoticed. We appreciate your hard work so so much and again, we will have you on Thursday at 5 10 If you were good with that, it would be an honor. Thanks for choosing me today. I appreciate you and Josh very much. Thanks, brother. Hang in there. Traffic and weather together from temp start heating and cooling products. Johnny Hill. Freeways been running fairly smoothly, especially through downtown. There is an accident scene on the entrance ramp from Sawmill Road, 2 to 70 west. It's off to the right medics have already cleared from the scene, so not gonna block too much. Another accident reported to 70 East between Excuse me 70 east off to 70.

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