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The wtmj fiveday forecast the wind advisory role of southeast wisconsin until seven lakeshore flood advisory for lake front counties rebels you got a winter weather advisory for northern counties including waukesha today morning rain a wintry mix this afternoon high of thirty six tonight that winter remixed continues the low thirty tomorrow wintry mix wendy changing the all of snow in the north the high thirty six degrees monday morning flurries wendy clearing late too high of thirty eight tuesday mostly sunny a high of forty five wednesday rain snow mix high forty five degrees the barometric pressure is falling the lake michigan water temperature thirty nine degrees right now madison it's thirty four thirty degrees in green bay thirty four waukesha in thirty four degrees in milwaukee brewers are in the big apple the battle the mets brewers game day coverage starts today at five thirty five and i've told me about ach newsradio wtmj this is the fix it show on wtmj advice and opinions expressed during the program or those of the hosts or guests and not wgm j radio or scripts media inc need help around the house even the heaviest doityourselfer needs an extra hand sometimes what mr six tom faiza help you out during the fix it show on wgm jae jao brought to you by plumbing parts plus routine is fine foods all parts citing unlimited and jane be construction good morning everybody and i say that loosely in is a good morning at a saturday it is april fourteenth my name is danny clayton look it over there at not tom phase of david mason good morning david nason good morning danny tom is often something i don't know if he's i don't know what he's doing i actually i do but yes he's personal weekend going on and so we're we're gonna fill in david your background your home inspector you want you just give us your your quick elevator speech syria went to school of architecture wm and did a lot of design work residential design for a number of years and then worked for some other contractors sold some windows sold some did some firewater restoration for a number of years and then got into inspecting and then met up with tom about four years ago.

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