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The role of the interim athletic director of michigan state the university dealing with the fallout of larry nassar of course big one was filling the role of university president very briefly until the board of trustees named former governor angler as the interim president beekman is a michigan state lifer he is uh lay of the last fulltime job he had was as a secretary for the board of trustees angler named beat muntu the temporary athletic director position so he takes over four mark hollis who resigned not long after the resignation of louisiana simon nasser sentenced to at least forty years in prison for sexually abusing girls that was returned and eaten county court yesterday anger said a search will begin shortly a for a permanent athletic director and no internal candidates will be considered in the search process so angler is determined to bring an outsiders as he says he's going to change the culture at michigan state longtime university presidents simon resigned from her position last month and then the athletic director mark haulers resigned in response to the larry nassar scandal at michigan state governor john whose time 508 bear duggan endorses the city council president brenda jones to replace the retired detroit congressman john conyers who vacated that seat among sexual misconduct charges the dug in support of jones is no surprise duggan's endorsement is the first major one in the race which is drawn about oh half dozen candidates or so and raised speculation of nearly a dozen more for that empty th district seat among those of you who have declared their candidacies are senator coleman young the second who duggan defeated for mayor conyers 27yearold son john conyers the third that's who john conyers senior is endorsing his twenty nine year old great nephew who was a state senator in conyers a democratic activist and attorney michael gilmore a state representative sherry gay doug nogo who represents the eight state house district jones also got to support of tv judge mathis who was out and john mathis calls jones the most effective elected public servant in detroit sense coleman young wjr news time 509 another day in court for a defendant in the makombe county corruption scandal let's catch up on what's going on with that and wjr's gene fogel contractor christopher sarin kino's admitted he pass along sixty six thousand dollars in kickbacks numerous reports said.

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