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Light his rookie year placed seventyone games six starts he ever sh fifteen in and a half minutes ever ge seven points seven and a half points a little under two rebounds in in one assist he shot four seventeen from the field now there are plenty of rotation players you can say hey you know what there's a lotta guys off the bench who are good enough to do that they're not great stats but thirteen in and a half the minutes point of agape obviously of drafting in anyone a guy season who you think of as an germain elite no player neil didn't get the double sis supposed digits to be until a star his and you want to fifth be a star year as soon as possible didn't get so to that he can he allstar can status anchor until your his franchise sixth tracy year mcgrady and i then two years inter in main the nba with defense toronto's he was playing average behind seven points a loaded the first year fry nine points mortem the second pours year wasn't eight until portland a third year he that he absolutely got to double digits did but my counter kevin to that gore would net be he made if the acceleration you're a a lot highly touted quicker davidge prospect ten points and forget six rebounds what what a his way rookie year what age you but are he was when already you drafting up to seventeen a guy in in your eight saying this guy by is a second elite he year has elite stills which helped and size trigger the lockout back athleticism in ninety nine because he ended he's up with a big he's contract going to be a guy that we really want to jermaine get o'neal on our team then first you should be able four to years in the league could not even get to five points a game kuhn night even get past.

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