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The card and place greater emphasis on reporting instances of food stamp fraud, which is rampant across this day. You would think it is. But. Current data suggest that food stamp fraud is a wild is a widespread problem. But I I say Bs to that come on. You know, do you look at this story in the Houston chronicle? That's what I'm looking at the Lone Star cards also referred to as e BT cards short for electric benefit transfers, operate much like a debit card at checkout, stands we've all seen them. I've actually seen people buy booze with it. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Which is which is illegal. It's you just get the store clerk to bring it up as you know, something else. I don't buy that data suggests that food stamp fraud is not a wide does does is not a widespread problem. You know, it is if you have a brain, you know, it is more than three point five million Texas received food stamp benefits in average monthly benefit. For a household is about three hundred and fifty nine bucks the program, which is funded through state and federal government cost nearly four hundred million dollars a year. Yeah. In Texas four hundred million dollars a year right here in Texas. And it's pretty interesting five one two eight three six zero five ninety basically putting a picture on that that card that folks have to look at their used in almost every state in the country. That's that's we've actually done research and seeing that some of these Lone Star debit cards were being used in Hawaii. Yeah. Exactly Miami places like that. I would think if it's your if it's your state dollars should be spent here, right? Yes, please. And this is my money. And I am requesting that you do that picture on there any information that you can put on there that ties that card to the person who is holding in their hand and asking for whatever they're hauling is to me that's not much to ask at all. And in many cases, I'm buying you food, and you really don't deserve it. There are circumstances where somebody is disabled some people. Yes, absolutely. Is going to go grocery store them. So there may be some exceptions case. I don't want this to be an incredibly easy thing for people to obtain. I don't I don't want it to be something that lash generations and families, you know, which is the situation that people assume this is going to be their existence. Put your picture on there and some information, that's all I'm asking. You're listening to the best of Todd and Don on NewsRadio KLBJ. You're listening to the best of the Todd show. Don's here somewhere. We're live at five thirty on NewsRadio LBJ. Sunny today with a mild afternoon, a high of sixty five.

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