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Morning welcome to the viewers. A JAM packed show. It's crazy around here right now, but the White House is suing to block the release of the book the room where it happened by former national security adviser, John Bolton and joining hot topics ABC News Anchor. Who sat down with Bolton for an interview. It's amazing. Martha Raddatz how you doing today and boy. Is this a blockbuster? It is a total blockbuster. I'm telling you page after page is just jaw dropping. What John Bolton says President trump throughout the book throughout our interview, and there's lots more of that interview to come on Sunday. Well as you know He. Is raised about the. For months, he's been trying to keep it from being published, but he's been tweeting of the last twenty four hours calling Bolton a liar and a Wacko I. mean he actually Divvy Hire Bolton? Wild to have him say this is all the case with bolt now when he praised him when he left what what's happening here? Well, he certainly did praise him when he left, but the President says he fired Bolton Bolton says he resigned after seventeen months, but the extraordinary thing here is. This is the highest ranking person we have heard from who was in that White House. House, who was side by side with president trump for seventeen months. This is the most comprehensive account from that high representative official. We have heard and he he uses frames a phrases like president trump radic, stunningly uninformed ignorant of basic facts. He thought Finland was part of Russia thought it would be cool to US military action in Venezuela. This all what John Bolton is talking about. Martha Bolton is very candid in the book about his assessment of the president. As you just mentioned and you asked him about that in your interview I believe we have a clip. You described the president as erratic, foolish behaved irrationally. Bizarrely. You can't leave him alone. For a minute. He sucked conspiracies behind rocks and was stunningly uninformed. He couldn't tell the difference between his personal interests. And the country's interests. I don't think he's fit for office I. Don't think he has the competence to carry out the job. There really isn't any guiding principle that I was able to discern other than. What's good for Donald? Trump's reelection. Now based on details that have been leaking out from the Book Bolton goes on to say that the Ukraine call was that was at the center of Trump's impeachment. Charges was just the tip of the iceberg when it came to his abuses of power, even describes an incident when president trump as China's presidency to help him win reelection in twenty twenty. What have you learned about that? Well, what Bolton says is that trump ASC president she to by US. US, soybeans and wheat, so he can get the vote in the farm state, so he could tell the farmers look I have this great deal. They're buying wheat and soybeans. And he said he heard trump pleading with she to ensure he'd win, but listen to that statement again. You just played. He does not think the DONALD TRUMP is fit to be president that is an extraordinary statement from a top official, a former top official about a sitting president. Martha Bolton always seems like odd fit for this administration from my perspective. And during his tenure, he had a number of disagreements with the president on foreign policy issues from Afghanistan to Iran. Is Bulletin disgruntled by the way things went down, and do you get the sense? He's sort of out for revenge here. What does he say as his motivation for putting this out right now? He's certainly getting a big paycheck to do it. You know we're really. Really good point because they were an odd fit from the very beginning as you know well, Meghan John Bolton is kind of a hammer. When it comes to foreign policy, and while president, trump talked tough. He did WANNA. Get out of Afghanistan in Syria and pull troops out of Iraq, and he definitely had clashes with John Bolton. John Bolton, tell you he is not a disgruntled employee. This book he says is is just about the facts. Joy, there were plenty of opportunities for Bolton to speak out back in January during the impeachment trial as we all remember. When Democrats called on him to voluntarily testify, but he declined okay, a lot of people myself included feel like his shirked his responsibilities as a public servant, and American so that he could make a buck by writing this book What does that? What does he say to that criticism well, he has been heavily criticized. For not testifying at the impeachment hearings, he says he thought they were too politicized too narrow in focus that they should have looked at several more issues that came up, but his testimony was a key point. Her testimony could have been a key point one of the things. The president's lawyer said is that no one actually heard trump make the connection between the security assistance and. And the investigations of Joe Biden. A Bolton says that in the book. He says that in the interview to me that he actually heard that the president. Of course you heard is saying that's not true. That's not true, but but Bolton says he simply didn't think he'd make any difference and now I think he's talking and writing. This book says Bolton because of the upcoming election. Right well better late than never is what I say. He's defenders decision for not testifying by saying it would have would. It wouldn't have changed anything and in a way I sort of think that may be true, because even though it was pretty much proven that trump went to Ukraine to help him with his reelection, a lot of the. Leadership in the Republican Party said that that was not an impeachable offense so I guess it wouldn't have made any difference if the also went to China. I think I think you've got a strong point. Their Joy, I think he, he does keep saying it wouldn't have made a difference and the politicization of this, and it did seem going into this that a lot of people into the impeachment hearings that a lot of people had already made up their minds. We will be back with more.

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