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Governor, Newsome says the state does not have the money to handle the Trump administration's unemployment plan, Newsome explained the White House proposal would cost California $700 million per week of the 15 billion it was given in cares act funds, Newsome said. Roughly 75% has already been distributed. A bill to create a centralized office to end homelessness in California is one step closer to becoming law. The bill's author, assemblywoman Loose, Rivas says the move will reduce bureaucracy by creating a single accountable authority to tackle the issue. The bill now moves to the Appropriations Committee, uber and lift will have to stop classifying their drivers as independent workers. A California judge ruled Monday. Uber and lift must classify them as employees. The order will take effect in 10 days. Unless it's appealed. I'm mega mega hiss. Sacramento traffic being three Bob Williams in the traffic center injury crash blocking the intersection. This is Calvin Road. Aubrey Layne. CHP is that's seen a lot of work tonight on your roadways. Watch for Lane and ramp restrictions on I five from basically Highway 50 all the way down the Laguna Boulevard and north and South bound 99 from Diller rode all the way to Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard also work on Highway 50 Closure. The offering 50 westbound is 65th Street sweeper trucks on the Cap City Freeway between I Etienne Away 50 through the overnight hours. Traffic on the tens every 10 minutes. Mornings and afternoons. Next update at 10 31. Bob Williams News 93.1 KFBK on 15 30 A M and your I Heart Radio app Now Sacramento weather Clear tonight lose 60 to 60 for sunshine tomorrow. Don his war of his recent days High 88 to 92 mostly clear tomorrow 58 to 62 like toe warmer weather on Wednesday.

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