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Missouri governor eric gradin's tries to address the state budget good evening i'm alex geman kmox news time eight 04 the full forecast coming up at about eight oh eight but first a traffic notes northbound one forty one just south of st charles rock road a technically right at at north writer trail is closed due to a vehicle crash once again one forty one just south of the rock road closed due to a vehicle crash it's unclear how long that's going to be tied up authorities are suggesting you use another route on the earth city expressway for the first time in more than two weeks miseries governor faced a crowd of reporters in his office asking about his adultery donors conference was four eric whitens to present his budget plans for the state but the questions quickly turned to was extra affair questions whitens repeatedly refused to address we believe that the people at missouri see through those and we move forward uh with the knowledge every morning when we wake up that we're blessed to have a beautiful fam now we have a wonderful mission in front of us of protecting serving and working with the people of misery whiten soviet i answered the questions before but that doesn't stop one of the largest press gatherings and years of his office from reporters across the state asking about the governor's adultery from the state capital fill brooks news radio eleven twenty kmox sustained off his brewing between the police union and board of all over a bill that would give subpoena power to a civilian oversight panel that investigates police business manager geoff florida with the st louis police officers association says the plan could backfire on those who think it'll bring more information to light what you'd have is officers being subpoenaed in front of uh this being oversight board for a dog in pony show and uh you know they have a right to remain silent but if they invoke that right it's gonna look like they're hiding something word says passage of the plan would provoke a lawsuit from the association because he says there is no state statute authorizing the civilian oversight board to have subpoena power the union plans to meet with all have been tomorrow to discuss the showdown they won't be knocking down the former club imperial in north st louis anytime soon aybert blamed the club played host the likes of.

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