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The English journey podcast for those who are new here my name is Jasmine and I am a teacher here in Toronto Canada I teach English online here with glitch as well as this podcast, the English journey podcast, but I also do teach in a classroom I teach little students who are six years old to seven years old I teach them French and English so I have a lot of different teaching experience which I think helps me relate to teachers and students of pretty much all ages I don't know if we have a lot of classroom teachers listening I know we have online. English teachers who listened but in terms of those who actually go into the classroom and teach physically or in person I'm not sure if we have many of those listeners. But if you are listening shout to you, I know how hard it can be right now I myself. I'm dealing with a lot. We have to go back to school starting in September here in Canada and we will be teaching in person we will be wearing masks enforcing social, distancing wherever possible and eliminating as much touching and sharing of materials as we can and I'm sure for any of you who have kids or spend time. With kids you know that is definitely going to be a challenge. I'm not exactly sure will go about it considering they are six years old and they probably don't really understand the concept of being you know safe and keeping a mask on without touching your face all day. So that will definitely be interesting I am actually going to be blogging some of my experience while I set up my classroom for a socially distanced classroom or a pandemic classroom whatever you WANNA call, it and I will be putting that up on Youtube. So if you're interested in watching a little bit of my experience setting up for. The school year if you're a teacher or even if you're a student, you just find that interesting of course, watching videos in English is great practice. So I will definitely have our youtube channel down below in the description you can subscribe to our channel. We post all of the episodes of our English or any podcast honor Youtube with odd the option to click on the subtitles and the subtitles are always edited through. So they're pretty accurate and that can help you if you're looking for transcripts for our podcast..

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