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Outside find tips and more at one thing US dot com. What's your one thing? KCBS news time to forty two Pedic. Thousands of firearms have been taken off the streets Santa Clara county over the past few years. KCBS? Jennifer, Honda says the gun buyback programs are definitely working this. San Jose residents who lost his daughter spoke in public forum, urging city council members to do something about gun violence Stena wanted to be a nurse. But tragically her dream was never fulfilled because in twenty eleven she and her boyfriend were shot and killed on third street in the past six years. Approximately six thousand guns have been confiscated by south bay law enforcement agencies through by back programs, San Jose police captain Ed Schroder people the opportunity to dispose of. They don't want which oftentimes we seen in the past or stolen, the burglaries or other ways throughout for people to misplace to lose guns, or stolen, San Jose. Police alone have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy back guns in the south bay. Jennifer, Hodges KCBS LA times reporters have won Pulitzer prize for their investigation into a gynecologist accused of abusing hundreds of students at the university of southern California Harriet Ryan, Matt Hamilton and Paul Pringle won the prize earlier today for their stories about Dr George Tyndall in the wake of the stories the university's president resigned. The police department launching an investigation and more than six hundred fifty women of sued you ac-, alleging the school failed to protect them from sexual abuse. Ten Tindal has denied the allegations or learning today that the first golden eagle, and you semi national park to be fitted with a tracking device has died of lead poisoning. Golden eagles often scavenge during the fall and winter and. Experts suspect the adult female may have eaten carryanne containing lead. Bullet fragments some advocacy groups of call for hunters to use bullets made of copper to help prevent such deaths. Golden eagles are one of North America's largest bird.

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