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Atom age has been good. It's going on. So I got a little bit of reoccurring relationship issue. I so I I am consistently kind of going after and hooking up with women that are at least ten years younger than me. And I feel like I have reasons why it's kind of justifiable. But I'm wondering if you know, I'm kind of worried now that I'm getting closer to forty that. This might not be the healthiest approach to romantic relationships. Just looking to get some advice on that. I thought are you are you asking our permission to keep doing this? No, I just feel like I'm, you know, maybe sitting myself up 'cause I'm, you know, maybe passing a point of no return as far as I dunno type of dating that I'm doing I just feel like there's a point where you know, girls of that age won't be interested in any more. And I'm setting myself up for kind of you know, disappointment or kind of wondering if I rename I this habit. I I'm not sure what I'm hearing from him. Are you saying, jeez, I better hook up and get a relationship girl this age because that's all I'm into when I get a little older, I won't be able to land somebody's twenty eight. Or are you saying I need to grow up and get with somebody who's my period little closer just wondering if that second that latter part of growing up if that I don't know what your thoughts on if there's validity to that. Okay. All right, good. I have a thought that I don't think I've ever had in my life. L down. You know, we do tomorrow just frowning on like old guys dating on young chick and baba, blah. I don't know if you feel this way. But I bet Gary does. And maybe Matt does as well. I feel like a totally different person than I was when I twenty seven. Oh, yeah. Oh my God. Yeah. Totally Totally different. different. I don't know that Lynette is that much different than she was which is not a knock. She's I a different human being than I was when I was twenty seven, and when that has different thoughts different Weber's, but I don't feel like a different person. You know, what I mean could be different. I know you couldn't. Now, we have to think about women maybe women. Maybe there's maybe there's a reason. I mean, everyone does young look nubile and all that that kind of stuff, but you wouldn't have wanted to date a twenty six year old me humanity. But. You close your eyes. You might date. A fifty four year old may. I wonder if we make that we going to get into it. Now, you, and I what what I'm saying is is I this isn't necessarily a knock on women. They say the mature faster than men is it possible. I don't know what to make of this is your wife significantly, different pejorative other. Like, yeah. She is. I I get this go any other. No. But listen, listen, it's going to, but my point was going to be on top of yours which. When people develop certain. Like professional training or experiences in life. They're forced to change. Yeah. You know what I mean? And maybe this is more a function of that. When people have to change, they do still say same person. But but more adult if that makes sense. Yeah. Well, I'm kind of saying is you wouldn't want to be a fifty year old woman. Dating Twenty-six-year-old may right Godot. You could be a fifth year old do dating year Lynette, he'd be happy would you because it's? Oh, I see. I see your point. Okay. Nice..

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