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Did you see her unfini-? I actually so first of all, Michelle thinks that she's sitting in the corner. Second of all, I think she was at a different show because this was actually the second show they did. I believe. I think the first one was like the week before I could be wrong, but I think this was not the opening, oh, because I kept like processing quiz, Michelle, I wanna see. I'm Michelle Collins, but it's here. So she Luanda's at the theater now and Ben's like, oh my God. Look at the girls. They wrap that play. Being like every Bravo gay ever you like voiced by Harvey Firestone and Llewellyn's like jumpsuit green, one like this to just figured I'd done with white for a while. If you know what I mean? I think I. I so questions questions. Yes, I wasn't sure. I wasn't totally sure this looted I was thinking it was an illusion towards cocaine or wasn't allusion to white sheets in Columbia. Or just as she going onto black men. Now we'll, I was going to wear a toga, but I'm done with seats for now. If you know what I mean. It actually could have been an allusion to like wedding dresses actually, if you really think about it. Yeah, that's what I thought she meant, but the on, I'm the one who allow that you weren't cocaine one? I'm that I was the one who went to cocaine original immediately. Yeah, I didn't. I thought she meant white has in wedding dresses like I'm done with that for a while, but then I read some speculation online on the Facebook that people were like she meant cocaine, and that's why they wanna have John there because Johnson one who always brings a cocaine, which I have to say, but groups. I mean, you guys really are like so good and I love and conspiracy theory. I mean, that's not really a conspiracy. That's good. You're a good theory. So I'm gonna go with that because like that. I actually, in retrospect, I actually think in retrospect, I I would actually think it's probably pertained to wedding. I don't think the wound would be so so dumb to make avail joke about cocaine on camera when she's going to trial. But I think that theory is a great theory and I'm also going to cosign on it shirt. I'm with you. Thank you Facebook. So the girl, Mona Bethany, you know, whenever Beth and everybody right arrives in a black car and his escort at it's no big deal. But whenever Bethany does it, I'm like, she's like a bitter evil. Stepsister that killed Cinderella and is now Cinderella. And I think that's why she's always going to be a hero of this show. Oh, my God. Look at the stepsister getting out of the car. She looks great. Love her hair here. Yes, she shows I wrote down, she entered a wicked witch. Basically women. No, and it wasn't even like an insult. It was like, I'm proud of you Durell with that bitch everyday. It's fucking source for you. She's a monster Cinderella. She will not be allowed to go onto release moms because she has birds while her work, but essential birds. But the thing is so so some of the women arrive there in glitter and Tinsley sitting at the table. Actually. I mean, they're out there and it was like, Hello. Hello can bring twenty some camp. Right. We'll be going to see Joan. Great. Who's Joan? Great. You know the one from cabaret. Right? Talk, John gray. Doesn't. Now she just knows if someone in gray, so proud of flu we in for launching her own cabernet. One we could sell packs together. Mike Griego, Lewin's, Kevin, and Beth wny's weird liquor. It's not very good, be honest. So Tinsley is lovely stage with free mccarroll. They're all sitting down at the table and tens. I didn't watch it by this under MandA, but she invite his guard to gum tonight only gone. She does. We. She said, I'm sorry. I didn't include Scotties woke loan, they wanna kill. What am I going to do? My..

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