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Four thirtyseven one wmal fm would breach wmal washington one point nine fm and am six thirty w n a l wind a cumulus station washington comes to talk to news you wmal news it three i maria leaf in near this hour american universities president is out with a letter outlining steps that the school is taking regarding diversity and inclusion the discussion comes after last may's incident involving bananas hanging from nooses that were found around the au campus many students in the days after said the incident didn't surprise is the very much today school president sylvia burrow says she talked to the foul and people over the last six weeks putting together a plan to address racism concerns the schools launching a new diversity and inclusion website it's hiring a consultant and it's looking to increase the diversity of new faculty hires it's also holding in on changes that can be made to faculty training in class curriculums burrow says the investigation into the hate crime itself is ongoing steve burns on wbal in wbalcom be library of congress remains on lockdown this hour after someone drove into a barrier injuring a capitol police officer in the process you can expect detours this hour on the hill matt to phase you'll have more on that coming up starting tonight there will be nighttime lane closures on the doubtless tollroad and dulles airport access road in tyson's corner vetoed murphy says the closures will allow crews to do some very heavy lifting will be removing bean along the dole of tollroad the dole airport access road at route seven it's part of a long project to replace the roots of an overpass legal and moltke lane closures start at seven in tonight bill why until five a m but also starting at midnight tonight there will also be a 20minute poll stoppages ambos nightime lane closures he says will continue over the next several weeks bill thompson wmal and wmal dot com we have a number of.

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