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From the accident and saved her from being hit by cars, the siege. Peas now looking for the hit and run driver driving elite two thousand model tan Mercedes SUV with this is indicating the car slowed down didn't really stop through something possibly beer bottles out of the car before driving off just off the water. One freeway at a Gora, Pete Demetrio KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio. Download the radio dot com app and favourite KNX to get updates on. Breaking news anytime anywhere with Canucks. Push alerts. Fifty five traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the fives. Let's get the latest on the freeways now with Manny Pacheco LAX expect minor delays on your drive into the airport. Lincoln boulevard. Traveling south is busy century boulevard. Is also slow the backup to airport boulevard. The terminals are pretty congested though. I would allow yourself plenty of time. If you're heading to LAX Lonsdale four or five south at Hawthorn, a two car collision one of the vehicles taking away the slow lane. And you're on the brakes as you approach Gardena one ten south before rosecrans, debris and lanes. Cars ran over it, actually one car ran over it. And now the vehicles over to the right shoulder with major damage heads up as you approach diamond bar fifty seven north before grand driver changing flat, the vehicle along the gore point if you're heading out of Vegas fifteen south the only significant delays. I see is out of Baker by twelve mile slowdown Czyz IX also patches of heavy traffic as you head into your MO. And bar sto one bit of excellent news. We are accident free in Orange County. Our next report ten oh five with more reports. More often, I'm Manny Pacheco in the spectrum twenty four hour traffic center,.

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