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Behind the camera I would really love to create something and I would really love to just like be able to like sit back and not be talent but like really like put mind to work and just make something. Well that's the communicator. Right back to the beginning of this conversation that you are storyteller that I think when people ask you when you stamp that passport what you do. That's what you should say you're storyteller Fuckin- starry Talha. Listen thank you so much for being so kind thank you for doing this. PODCAST crossover over. We win the flintstones the jetsons remember that. It's very much like that. So thank you for having me on your show they thank you for coming on my show. Show and a big high to all the All your listeners. Who are listening to my show for the first time yeah and to all of our listeners on straight talk please listens to saucy shows? Well okay. That's great interview over there as well. Thank you for having me. I just adore you. I think the world of you. I think you're really fascinating. I think the sky is the limit for you. I really appreciate that. I'm GonNa go home feeling really good about myself so whenever you don't feel good about yourself just look at that ring look down. Rain is a focal point. I just yeah caller. Are we going to have a big wedding treasures. Ask Do you want to now. I want small wedding Italy. Oh clear schedule C. J.. We're all going to Italy. We'll be right back with much more straight talk..

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