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An excerpt from the book reframe the day embracing the craft of life. One day at He long recognised difficulties. He and his medical school colleagues faced while trying to balance commitments to teaching supporting their families practicing medicine writing and publishing inspired by the uninterrupted and often unconnected simplicity of working in a hotel room more on an airplane. He urges faculty members to quote protect a few extra hours each week hours. I can be used for writing. I find it by recognizing that stillness in stimulus rarely coexist so I disabled technology traps that steal my attention like smartphone notifications than email alerts. I find it by consuming more of the content. I find fulfilling and less of the political news. As stresses me out I find it by taking concrete steps to reject my addiction. A business like refusing to check working on the weekends. I find it by catching myself before I say yes to something based solely on foam. Oh the fear of missing out. I find when I realize I'm needlessly judging people around me or knee lucy judging myself and make a conscious choice to practice forgiveness instead. I don't do all of these things all the time when I do manage to do them. I don't do them perfectly. But the goal isn't a life of perpetual stillness which is surely impossible anyway. The goal is to find a little stillness each day a little more today than yesterday if we can and a little more tomorrow than today even the simple act of thinking about these tools and techniques can help the reframe how we go about our days so that stillness. It's higher on our list of priorities than it used to

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