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Crime in recent weeks, including shootings and carjackings. In response, police have increased patrols, expanded camera surveillance, and they're now deploying automated license plate readers. And now the county executive Mark L rich is proposing that some late night businesses operate under police approved safety plans. WTF is dick giuliano was present in downtown Silver Spring today when the county executive unveiled his plan. Dick. Well Dmitry, the businesses that could face the regulations are late night businesses like nightclubs, which are drawing more than routine calls from police. So these are businesses that would be singled out by using crime data. These businesses will work with the police on items ranging from secure personnel and training to exterior lighting and graffiti removal and security cameras. And besides requiring trained security, the requirements could force businesses to provide 24 hour video monitoring with high def cameras, sufficient outside lighting, and they could be forced to meet regulations governing the tent on window glass, so police can see inside from the outside. The plan still needs approval by the county council, so it's months away from possibly being enacted. So far, is there any pushback from the businesses themselves? Well, police say some late night businesses have already instituted some of these measures that the legislation would require, improving camera surveillance and lighting. And chief Marcus Jones says some nightclubs are in the process right now of obtaining handheld metal detectors to keep guns out. Jane rutger president of the greater Silver Spring Chamber of Commerce has expressed support. We're committed to working with the police to working with the county to make Silver Spring a safe, comfortable and welcoming place for everyone who lives, works and visits here. And under the terms of the legislation Dimitri affected businesses who failed to comply would be fined and they could be shut down by continued violations. So are these proposed rules being limited to downtown Silver Spring? Actually not, although the first late night business is targeted are all in Silver Spring, the legislation would enable stepped up regulations to be imposed on late night businesses elsewhere like pike and rose, The Crown neighborhood, or Rockville pike, but the driver here again is businesses forced to comply would be those identified by the use of crime data and right now those of the night spots and Silver Spring. That's ridiculo joining us live here on WTO P 9 34. Ted Lerner, the owner of the Washington Nationals has died in 97 from complications of pneumonia, while the D.C. area native is well known for helping to bring baseball back to our nation's capital, he also leaves an indelible mark on development in the region. He was visionary. Jack mcdougall had the greater Washington board of trade and says when it comes to Ted Lerner, the developer. He was taking on projects early on when others work. And McDougal says Lerner had a style. He was the quiet professional. He didn't make a lot of noise. He just went out and did what he needed to do in Northern Virginia mcdougall says there's learners notable work and tysons and on the dullest town center and in mayor led the white Flint area, then in D.C.. Everything that has been accomplished around the navy yard area, and after he bought the nationals. That's really a legacy that will be unequal. Mike Murillo WTO P news. Four high altitude objects have been identified and shot down in the last 9 days by U.S. fighter jets. The first was identified as a Chinese spy balloon. The others, including the most recent, which was shot down on the Canadian side of Lake Huron on Sunday, have not been identified, and we learned it took two sidewinder missiles to take that thing down. We don't know if one missile may be malfunctioned, maybe they missed the first time, but they did have to use two. So what are these objects? And where do they come from? WTO national security correspondent JJ green with details. U.S. national security officials indicate they're not sure yet what they are or where they came from. But they also say they're sure what they are not and where they did not come from. I don't think the American people need to worry about Bailey's with respect to these craft. Period. I don't think there's any more that needs to be said there. National Security Council spokesman. John Kirby said they looked intently at these other three objects. We assessed whether they posed any kinetic threat to people on the ground. They did not. Were these objects sending communication signals. We detected none. Did the objects have propulsion systems or were they maneuvering? We saw no signs of that. And we made sure to determine whether or not they were manned. They were not. These objects appear to be all different. First, the one at the beginning was the size of a regional passenger jet. The second one, a small car. Then there was one shaped like a cylinder in the last one was said to be octagonal. And they don't seem to have any balloons attached to them or at least the last couple of them. So they're still looking very intently at them and they're going to essentially determine what they're dealing with. WTO peace national security correspondent JJ green. Breaking news on WTO. This is out of east Lansing Michigan where Michigan state university police say multiple

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