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The virus it's just one of those stories you think every day of my start to ebb but it just seems to flow out of you know death toll is up again today more than seventy five thousand people around the world I've been sick in interesting this morning if you caught this US senator Tom cotton he's from Arkansas he is out there talking at this from a completely different angle now there's been some speculation there's been some kind of conspiracy theory of people talking about this that it may have actually emanated from a bio chem lab but center con is like yeah that's what we're hearing he says he's standing by his earlier comments that the deadly coronavirus has originated in a high security bio chem lab in Wuhan China he said the we've got to be open to all the possibilities egg and exploring the origins of the outbreak when Martha McCallum pressed the senator on his unverified claims he cited a study published in the Chinese scientists in the lancet which called a respected international science journal he says I'm suggesting we need to be open to all possibilities and we need to demand that China open up and be transparent so team of international experts can figure out exactly where this virus originated he also brought up questions surrounding the bio safety level four super lab in Wuhan which is the city where the virus it clearly originated he says we know it didn't originate in the food market based on the study of Chinese scientists he says I'm not saying words started I don't know we don't know because the Chinese Communist Party won't open up to international experts that's what we need to do so they can get to the bottom of where the virus originated and hopefully we can affect a diagnostic text and a vaccine for so I I don't know that I'm hearing that a lot of other places but cotton clearly is saying this is where it started he also push back specifically Rutgers University chemical biology professor Richard Ebright who said he found no indication in the genome sequence of the virus to indicate that it was engineered Khan says let's take the professor he was in fact cited today in the Asia times saying that it was quite possibly a laboratory incident Khan clarified that's not saying it's a bio weapon but we do know they were investigating and researching coronavirus in that lab it could have been an accidental breach it could have been a worker that was infected my point is we don't know until we get all the evidence the only responsible not irresponsible to keep an open mind about that hypothesis so whether that continues to be floated or not but center cotton is saying this is man made and whether got out on purpose by accident.

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