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German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron have urged China to allow more flights from Europe. It Baxter is in San Francisco with all the global news at right, Juliette all confirming a video call today the two pressing President Xi Jinping to engage more closely with the block. Bloomberg's John Ludden says this is China and the EU are struggling to keep cooperation alive as nations leaders turned to harsher criticism against Beijing, China account of almost $700 billion trade with the EU last year, so Using those Trevor rules are they can only help boost that number and it's also worth noting, but Macron is very keen to boost buses prospects in China. Latin also says China's President Xi Jinping will urge them not to let the human rights disputes scuttle any efforts and cooperation. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson says all things look good for reopening and Masking and on social distancing. If you will. On July 19, we must reconcile ourselves. Sadly, two more deaths from Covid. In these circumstances, we must take a careful and a balanced decision, Johnson says To DeLay would not be smart, Johnson says, if not now, then, when Asahi now reporting the Japanese government is planning to hold the reopening of the Olympic ceremony. Without fans, attendees will be of the populist of IOC committee member sponsors and other officials. Indonesia plans to start importing oxygen tanks as the country battles a fresh wave of infections that has overwhelmed the medical system. More than 30 patients died in the hospital over the weekend after a hospital and Yogyakarta ran out of supply. And Brian, I need some. I need some help here. I want to issue uh, tongue and she criticism of a man who is almost at the top of my list of all time. Sports guys. Dan Schwartzman. I know Dan Wimbledon, Wimbledon, But Dan has not mentioned that great sporting champion Joey Chestnut 76 hot dogs in 10 Minutes, a new record lots of ESPN programming time. Come on Dan Cheese. It's gluttony. Are you going to celebrate the guys shoving 76 hot dogs in his face in 10 minutes, common man Like you or me, we would probably die from that. But he is not a mere mortal, Is he? Yeah, no, he is, and ESPN thinks he sports. 14 time champion at the greatest athlete in his respective sport. It gives me gas just thinking. Oh, my. Yeah, And I'm not talking about. I'm not talking about the the gashes comments that we make sometimes on air here anyway, let's let's get to.

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