Lexington Virginia, President Trump, South Korea discussed on Talking Baseball with Marty Lurie


And lexington virginia last night she said the owner told her it's because she worked for the president and mexico on the verge of advancing to the knockout rat of the world cup after a two one win over south korea you're listening to abc news stay connected stay informed komo news good morning eleven oh two from the komo twenty four hour news center i'm jeff pohjola a fifty seven year old man from the sultan area is dead after the boat he was in flipped on the skykomish river this morning another man in the boat was able to make sure and call for help sheriff's office says the two launched their drift boat just after four am they drifted about half a mile downstream where the river's current pin the boat against a rock causing it to flip over investigators do not know what have man and his five year old son were doing in a boom lift when it hit a power line friday and everett shocking them both had lawrence works next door wreck saying we now we just heard a loud noise and lost power instantly and then just heard the screaming we now know as the child and son are being treated at harborview the boy suffered electrical burns and showed up to the hospital in serious condition but it's been upgraded to send his factory the father will also be okay the centers for disease control reported outbreak of norovirus and a cruise ship in alaska seventy three people have reported getting sick and the holland america cruise ship zen damn brenner debt burden with the cdc says there have been no hospitalization medical crew onboard the ship that that fail and as a part of the voyage and they are working with the passengers to resolve whatever symptoms that they are they're exhibiting the ship is expected to make additional stops in alaska before returning to seattle on july the second this weekend state troopers will be watching closely for cars that don't slow down or move over and work zones new crackdown.

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