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Her message was e- unifying. Mrs. She was consistent and persistent with that I think I think another another thing to consider that. I think people resent it Laurie came. When Rahm when Ron was still in for all, practical purposes. Okay. Tony adjusts been elected to the county board general public resented that we taxpayers dollars. We're paying you to be at the county board and run for mayor at the same think. Okay. Here's a break and get some updates on the automatic races. And we can start today. Just the what's happening at the ward level of our annual Paul Vallas, her main Hartman here Andrea, what do we have some of the races that are playing out right, hotly? Contested races. Let's go back to six with Deborah foster, Bonner and Roderick Sawyer. He's teams to be pulling away right now with fifty three percent of that boat foot to forty seven percent thirty three of those forty eight precincts are recording. If we move up to the thirtieth ward, this is area. Roberta's we were boy and just Gutierrez. This is still very very close Twenty-three of the thirty two precincts and royalists with fifty two percent to Jessica Gutierrez is forty seven. Two hundred fifty vote lead. Yeah. And then we moved to thirty three with dead. Now. That was the one vote separation there between debt Mellon resented Sanchez. That's now Sanchez with a fifty percent of the vote to mel's forty nine point eight of some quick math about forty nine votes. Separate the candidates, right? Right. Hold on channel is I call on that one yet unless you've got forty one more time, this isn't Patrick O'Connor and Andrea Vasquez Ford. Fifty one point two percent to about forty eight percent of the vote for Vasquez. So kind are still holding on one hundred three hundred votes. Yes. We got a lot of broadcast left to go in these races. Are obviously going to go along way to shape. What city council going to look like for new mayor elect, Lori Lightfoot? Okay. So let's take a quick break here. We'll come back to the Billy goat tavern that.

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