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A death spiral and the quasi socialist demonization of wealth of source. That one hears from people like amc and elizabeth. Warren is part of the problem. We just can't afford zero sum. Thinking in a positive sum game and prosperity can be positive sum. It's not to say there aren't trade-offs and inevitable inequality but we need to find policies that lead us in a direction that benefits more or less everyone and we need to incentivize people to really succeed and then used their taxes and charity to help others. It seems to me that what we need to solve our problems both competence and compassion. We have seen so little of either lately and merely dunkin on people on twitter won't produce these things becoming a single issue thinker won't produce these things we have to recognize that we're living in an unhealthy ecology of ideas. It's become like a superfund site of bad memes and we have to clean it up and intend to use my podcast this year to bring you useful conversations. In this vein. Not every episode will be about solving problems. Sometimes we just need to hear about interesting things in physics but more and more. I want to drill down to ideas. It actually have consequences for people's lives whether personally or at the level of public policy. So i'm looking to speak with guests. Who can help me figure out what we should all be doing to make life better and finally i want to thank all of you who were subscribed to the podcast. You make it possible for me to do this. And if you're not subscribed and you wanna be. You can do that on my website. At sam harris at org wanna remind you that if you can't afford a subscription you need only tell us that and we'll give you free one and this isn't just my covid policy. The song has been the policy. I feel two things very strongly in this space. I believe that we should value digital content appropriately and they will ultimately get what we pay for online. As you know. I think the ad model has been incredibly destructive but on the other hand i believe that money should never be the reason why someone can't get access to my digital content again. I see no contradiction here. Most of my stuff is behind a paywall and needs to be for any of this to work. But it's free if you can't afford it as most of you know there are two places where i currently published my audio on this podcast and on the waking up app and waking up has become much more than a meditation app. There's a growing library of lessons that are essentially applied philosophy. We now have tracks on stoicism. By william irvine and more of those are coming and will soon have a section devoted to psychedelics. There's a lot going on over there waking up and much more happening soon. So i just wanted to invite you to download the app and check it out..

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