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Souvenirs on the island that have powers that can. You. If you tried to steal treasure from me, I could be like no way I got a water bottle and for some reason, you can't take my treasure now And then you can play these cataclysm cards, which is when you drop the red marbles into Volkmar and if people get hit, they drop treasure and maybe you steal a treasure. but as these cataclysms pile up more and more marbles get dropped. Basically, as you run around the board collecting treasure and stealing treasure from each other and knocking each other over and you stand on bridges and sometimes bridges flip and trees. You can you can move trees like little. Ping. Pong nothing pingpong pinball pinball flippers almost You get these little postcards as you're moving around the island and you pass these scenic spots, you get a blue yellow or red postcard was like a little collection of of of postcards and when you have three of each color, you can run to the health at the Heli Pad and hop on the helicopter and you basically trying to get the most points from your postcards and your treasurers and the heard of all car and a couple other things. But it was really fun Sam in his friend teamed up and beat me. beat me. Good. And Yup I'm glad I'm glad I've been. I've been really it's been one of those I don't really get into feeling. Shelf of shaming because I have a better dozen games here some that are still in plastic that I just haven't got around to yet. But I don't really mind because I'm like can't wait to get to that but fireball island was one that has been creeping. It's such a huge box tucked down on the corner myself on trips over it or. pokes their eye on the corner or something That is one that I'm like. That was a bit of A. Of A luxury board game that's just sitting there. But. I'm glad it's been played and we'll be played again I. Think you have. My my my Sh-. Shame full. And my my i. what was the better term we had for that? Because that was a terrible one right show for potential. Doesn't sound. But ours is getting getting thin. Some of the ones that we have stuck on there right now. are like. Action. Games. Doesn't really like auction games so I don't really either. I don't know I haven't played enough. True I'm convinced that I I must because people do they seem I mean, it's a fund McCain that. Yeah the Malt Game, which is one of John Jahr Yeah Gilmore's earlier ones. Might have been his first and it's not a four story John Game where it's not a good game account I wanNA, skull. Vault wars isn't that or something like that worse and it's it's another medieval fantasy. Dangerous Dragons game where you're basically you're. And I read his design diary for this is designed stuff on it he was travelling. And staying in hotels a lot and was watching one of the doors storage words shows on TV. There's a game here. Sure of Andhra and came up with a great game and it's a it's a fun. I think it's a I split you choose sort of thing where you. Maybe. I don't I. We only play once and we like this was a great time. Let's play this with five players and then we've never. Played on, but it was a it was a fun game and it's I don't I don't remember enough of it to. Yeah I mean I remember enjoy. Four. Similar. Danton action game and it was fun and I remember that. So I wanNA play other ones. We have one about pirates retiring and just buying a opening bars on on these islands. PIRATES, retiring and setting up ours and cashing in all of their treasure. Right. Yeah and the one that came to my mind was. 'cause it was one of my my favorite fines. We all all of us were game collectors probably have stories of finding like a pretty good board game at a thrift store for a couple bucks and for a while my the best one that I had found. In terms of ratings that designer was on raw but renner. And broke I don't play at one night and that has bidding mechanic in it as well as great fun and that was a that was a fun one. It was just but I like it when I think the bidding is just one part of. Of the game and there's other kind of interlocking systems happening you believe us is an auction game and it's great. Right in. Bibliotheca and then. What's the one that Robin Melissa have that they got from the Christmas party for sale for sale? It's amazing game and it's it's like one deck of cards that have a bunch of different stuff on it and like, and it's works like Biblis where you spend the first half of game bidding on one thing and in the second half of the game, he used that to bid on the rest right and says the same sort of thing where you have to split. The cards I man I. Don't know if I've talked about this on the show for I bought bibliophiles about it in a Moncton. Not Moncton. Saint John. Went Game Store there, and I don't remember the name game store on absorbing. Went there I bought it I'd want it for a long time. Videos on it. I've read reviews on it was like this is a game I need to have in the collection and I found it and I was like twenty eight dollars Nevada. Driving home and I read the rules the car on the way home and I immediately had remorse as just like. Right. Remember that this can't be a fun game. Read the rules allowed. In the Van I'm just like how's.

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