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Is a move you never seen the WW. E anymore. A pile driver. Wait a minute. I wasn't really big on this spot. Yeah. Understand trying to make rock strong. I get that. And nobody wanted any more than I. But the kicking out of the power driver. Yeah, weakens weakens the appeal. That move should be the closer. Paul orndorff, that was the closer when he would put that on. About a hundred more guys. Yeah. That was who I always associate as a kid in the hate in my heyday in the 80s, man, it was the pop Paul orndorff Powell driver, man. Lawler was good. We're done in Memphis a lot, too. It's very good at it. Here we go, Triple H smacking him around a little bit now. I was going to mention here too, by the way, at the final four, China would make her debut. Well aware that she was lined up to join the federation at this point and become part of Triple H's group. Well, considering I did a contract. I was fairly informed. So there you go. That's another case of there. There you go. He can not keep The Rock shoulders down, rock continues to kick out. If you're not watching along, this is a good match. Talk about a strong opener raw. Thursday we're all Thursday, should I say? Lying on them up for the pedigree, you think Vince had a gleam in his eye at this point that he knew he had money in this matchup. For many years to come. Oh, you're watching this one. Yeah. And so did the agents. Guys like pat Patterson who evinces here and luckily for many of us that that happened, because that was a wealth of information and creativity. But fat laid this match out. It seems like everything he touched turned to gold JR as we go through these events. That had a way of identifying with the talents. And bringing their characters out of them. And putting them in a good spot in front of the camera. There's inside cradle, and that's it. He wins. He wins the title. Let's go to the announcers here. That was a fat Patterson quick.

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