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I'm tired of ceiling sick Nothing is working like. Just please stop but I didn't I don't I don't know why didn't you knew so that that second treatment There was a period where A two weeks I lost about twenty pounds and I'm already thin. To begin with so twenty pounds was a lot. I was like a walking skeleton but the treatment was working but they they couldn't give it to me anymore because it was going to kill me so they stopped it and then a few months later I was Everything was kind of stable. Well not gone but stable. And then a few months later The tumors in the lung started growing again after all this after After the Chemo after through this new treatment yellow so then The new doctor said well there's a clinical trial and you won't pay anything you just come and meet we. We provide everything for you. Okay and I did find on the clinical trial for about six months and then He told me that the tumors in the lungs were growing rowing and the clinical trial wasn't working so essentially I got kicked out and he told me the best option for me was to have ELOPE Olloba my long removed so so I did do that. But at the time I had tumors in both lungs Some movin relatively large. They were going to remove the largest one but I still had tumors in both lungs and they had said there's nothing else we can offer you in terms of treatment and I said okay I gotTa do something here. I need to make a change so I found somebody. Buddy who worked in the cannabis industry and I went and I met with him and I said I will. Do Anything helped me like this. This isn't working. And I'm I'm going to die when what turns you. What turned you onto the cannabis? Did how did you. How did that come about? I think I mean you've gone through so much already. It's like okay. This isn't isn't working. This isn't working. What what turned that into your mind of going to cannabis at this point Sister actually she. Has You know taking cannabis before. So she's like they care. Go Go to this guy and he'll help you Like okay I got a guy So I went to the guy and he was like the most friendly individual well and he just kind of laid it out there. He's like this is what you have to do. You need a change. Your Diet and this is how much Cannabis you need to take. I said Okay I will do I will do it. Do you. Know much about cannabis at this point. Had you used cannabis yourself before this or do you. I had not and you know. There's there's a big stigma about you know using it and people that you know use cannabis are potheads or whatever and I was like. That's not that's not me but I I had lost I. I had no hope left and so I'm like what do I have to lose by trying this so so I did well and I started. And there was a little hiccup in the middle I you take two kinds you take. CD and then you take separate thc kinds of oil. And I thought that once you Built up a tolerance to the. THC that you didn't need CD anymore. So I stopped taking the CD. Not and then the This I'm getting a little backtracked here but the cancer Grew again when I stopped taking the CD. Oh Wow and and I called my guy said hey what the hell you're you said this would work. And he's like now you have to take both of them together. They work together. I said okay. So so how long have you been taking it in So you were getting scans regular then to see this right And how long. How long had you been taking the cannabis at that point that they were showing that it had grown again? A little bit Probably Tim Berta. Maybe January okay so months and what. We're what so you were taking oil. Do you know how much you're taking each day. I don't the guy that I was getting it from. Just sad. You take twelve drops. And they're like like pin-sized drops not a lot and when I was having all the problems he said you need to increase your dosage eighteen drops so his drinking eighteen drops as oil a day and then a dropper of the CD oil. Before I would take the oil. Wow and then so then and at that point so you're taking it and you know the then once you got back on the regular regimen you're supposed to be on you know taking both a CDN thc. How long did you take it? And then what happened after that Let's see I you know I have the surgery in May of two thousand seventeen And I was taking Lena until probably the end of the year. I had a scan in August after the lung surgery and all I hadn't done any kind of western medicine. It was just diet and cannabis. Okay and the scan showed that all of the tumors and the left lung and the right lung and the network on. Oh my gosh. And the only thing I had been doing was diet and canopus the doctors they said. Oh well it's because the The treatment we did is working now. I'm like well wasn't working before everything was growing and you said it wasn't working. So why is it working now so I continue to do that for a while. Probably until January of the next year. And then I kinda slowly weaned myself off and it's been how long now that you've been cancer free. It was two years in August. Congratulations I thank you all from this amazing plant and you listening to yourself and you listening listening to what you needed and and just standing up for no we need to do this and you know your body. And that's that's such a great lesson right to stand up for what we know. Our bodies need Eden reach out until you find the right thing and you did it. I just I'm so honored to know you because you you're my inspiration to take our so when I got diagnosed yes with cancer so it's kind of a cool thing that we're sitting here together away now because I'm such a believer in it as well just for those reasons so I just want to thank you so much for being here and for sharing your story and and to really just put it all out there and I just really appreciate that and to anyone else out. There Alley is just such a wonderful inspiration to us to listen and learn from our bodies and then take cannibus and the wonderful things that it does write a number rip people tweeting here. I'm sorry to interrupt just been absolutely in Awe listening to the story here and people want to know. How is there some way that if they wanted to reach out to? Because I'll bet there are a lot. aww people young and old who are feeling helpless and hopeless right now Wants to hear a cancer diagnosis I don't know if there's if you're open to talking with him but how people can reach you or or getting through through my Jane or through directly. I don't know if you want to give out your direct email contact info. But somehow somehow I if I'd love if you can find a way that people can connect with you yeah if If anybody would like to get get a hold of alley or you know find find out more about her story you can go ahead and email.

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