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If we go around the room because the room would like to know. Yeah. Let's do it. Okay up. I is a former state police detective at twenty one years. Todd mccombs, Sean. Hey, I'm big may fan. So I wanna to know who's who's the most well known fighter that you've trained with you sparred with. Probably Tito, we've got an air. But when I when I first started, I was j I would say glazes first NFL kind of kind of transitioned to have been made back in two thousand five trade to Randy couture and chocolate. The I've trained with feed Ortiz. Top Woodley, we spent a few Aussies together. So yeah, I've been around these guys man full long-time nice. So you're you would you describe yourself as a well rounded guy all those guys that were very well rounded, they have good takedown offense. But they the bang on their feet. Yeah. Man. I mean, you know, I'm used to tackle the people. So if I get myself in trouble, I can get you in the ground. The big Brock listener bear, tag, which just hold them down and beat up their face. It's an incredible thing. This next guy is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He's got a good beard. He's down fifteen. Nope. Thirteen thirteen pounds in the last six days. Dick's Sean is Philip rivers allergic to latex or just an irresponsible human question kids. Honestly, I think he's going for his own football. He didn't he just needs a couple more. She anybody can have one or two coming off the bench by the time. I don't know. So he I don't know manage incredible you. But when you, you know, be playing football that log, and you made the money as you can have that he wants to look at. He doesn't swear either. No cusses. They say no cuss words. We'll say what gracious Pete's gracious to Pete. Yeah. Goddamn is gracious to Pete. It's an interesting. He talked shit though, too. I I like rivers allow. Yeah. But, but this thing about Philip how much can you really talk. I don't curse like, you know, he's what about Philip Philip animated. Right. Philip at animated, and you're just not used to seeing quarterbacks talk back to you. Right. If you're in his team, you love it like when I when he went to anti state, and I was playing him again when I was at university of Maryland we played against each other. I didn't like Philip all a lot because I was like I would hit them, and you would see him John back and say something back to the guy that was laying on top of them. And I'm like. Guys. I am out of control. But he is not like he's saying anything bad or negative. He's not saying, you know, f you you saw he'll be tapping ahead. Tell you hit it. You're just not used to quarterback. Andrew luck. Move on bad play. Next question's coming from talion guy named Nick Nick when he got showing you spend a lot of time in San Diego, one of the most beautiful perfect places the climate the temperature amazing credible..

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