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A tempting vision of where perseverance is headed is this ingenuity is idea is ingenuity now running the mission. I wouldn't say they're running the mission. But the picture I've posted on behind the Black was one of the 10 color pictures that ingenuity took on its August 15th 12. It's always 15th scouting flight. That was, but it's 12 flight, and they released those pictures finally, and this was one of those 12 pictures. The pictures are actually a set of six done twice from slightly different positions. The rover flew out over an area called South Setting. And as it flew, it took, uh, five pictures every 10 seconds or so. And then it shifted sideways about 5. 10 M something like that. Five M. And then it came back, taking another set of five pictures every 10 seconds. So the pick the color picked. This is in between black and white images, but the politics is therefore give them the opportunity gets Stereoscopic images of those five locations and the reason in generally did this is because the sections South said they were originally not sure they could drive over this and said What do you know what he's doing? Excuse me have a very close three dimensional look now of the surface to see if the role we can go over and I think the road we could easily go over this. This is a lot much less harsh terrain. Then you see that curiosity has gone across and perseverance got better wheels and a better design. So I don't think they have any problem, But it will. Initially I think being cautious because it just started the mission out. What this picture shows is small ripples, lots of dust and some small rocks, pavement rocks and what they're going to use this information to plan a very precise route in advanced And probably go there. That's a really good thing, And it shows the genius of ingenuity. They did not have this for curiosity. And maybe that led to the damaged wheels that They've learned. Now we go now we go to an unhappy story. I have allowed one today. Just what This is about The 30 M telescope that doesn't have a home. The poor TMT Bob. The last time we checked, TMT was rejected by Hawaii for political events. Now it's rejected by the Canary Islands. Why, Bob? Well, okay, so they want to build the TMT on monarchy here in Hawaii, and there have been protesters that have been blocking its build because Of a variety of reasons that I'm not going to get into. But I just really conversion block but blocked and the government. The democratically controlled government in Hawaii is basically their mouth support The TMT, But their actions have been to support the protesters, so it's blocked and so TMT is consortium that's building it that went out and talked to the Canary Islands where there is already One of the biggest telescopes in the world. That said, could we build one TNT there? And they originally said Yes, and they made a deal. But this was a backup site. Well, there was a lawsuit by environmentalists in The Canary Islands in the Spanish government saying No, no, no, You really can't do this. This is on public law preserves. You can't build a telescope there and, uh, the court, a local administrative court in, uh in the Canary Islands has ruled now know if that permit was invalid. You can't build a telescope here. If you had a commitment to build it here when you made the deal that may be so, But the fact that you were only using us as a backup, and you really would just use This is a political ploy to force Hawaii to say yes, well, that's not valid, and so the kind that permits gone so the czarina TNT has no place to be built as far as I'm concerned is dead. I expect actually that the members of its consortium, we're going to slowly fade away into other telescopes, the giant Magellan telescope or the European extremely large telescope. Both have been built in Chile, which means that we will probably not have a ground based large telescope in the Northern Hemisphere and that's going to limit observation. The idea of TNT was to cover the northern atmosphere. I really think the real solution is to stop building ground based telescopes at all, and entirely put him in space where you don't have these political issues and you won't be blocked by the thousands of the new satellites. They're gonna go up very shortly. Job the very cool, very famous. Very mysterious Asteroids. Psyche. What have we learned Bob? Well, they're using a different telescope in Chile, the Alma telescope, which is a radio array of telescopes. They have obtained very high resolution images of the metal asteroid psyche. It's metal. They think this is a very high contact metal, which means it might be the core of a dead planet. We have, uh, we have a project going there, probe going there in 26 civil arrived. So I have a picture up showing that I It's shape. It's not round. So this object. The large is below planetary size. It's an asteroid, and it's started and so the pictures there and they have an idea that there's questions about it. They don't really understand the data they're getting. They're going to need the psyche probe to arrive and take a close. Look, John, that will answer the questions. It's an alien planet, Bob. Okay, fine. Finally back to Mars. Waterway glimpsing more cool pictures. Yeah, This is another cool picture on Mars of what looks like dark material being blown about and like, call it plain, and it's just there's a mystery here, and it's just cool image and I've talked to scientists about it, and they give me some answers. But they contradict themselves as well. John Psyche the deadline. The The viewing date is night is 2026, so we'll get there and the.

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