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To give people the real technical information all the details. We know but in language that is super easy to understand so it's called the beginner's guide to understand schizophrenia. You can find it on Amazon. Ultimately it all linked to it on my website at Hidden Bench Dot. Com SLASH SCHIZOPHRENIA book. And it also be the show and this book. Is it more geared towards loved ones friends? Family or people with schizophrenia. I root for both actually so the person I didn't write it for is any sort of clinician or researcher. It's not for them. It's people who don't know anything about mental hall or treatment of no scientific knowledge. That's why I wrote it for so I wrote it for people who are just trying to understand schizophrenia. Whether that's because you have it or you have a loved one. Who HAS IT? Or you're just GONNA curious to know more about it. That's awesome. Thank you so much Dr. Fitch for joining us once again. Very very interesting. And thank you for shedding light on these subjects and we definitely gotTa Check Your Book. Out Rachel as always incredible interview now. I know that you talked to Dr Finch for a couple of hours. And obviously we edit down. Did you learn anything about men with schizophrenia? From her that you didn't know before this interview I learned so much from her and I'd like that she's able to explain kind of that medical side and the way she's able to just explain it so I guess simply unlike a level that me and you can understand gave you know. We're we're not doctors but being able to break that down and I really liked that kind of explaining the homelessness and then of course the substance abuse and all of that playing in more so with the males the she's incredible once again. Thank you Dr French for being here and please if you have a moment pick up her book. She helped us with both episodes and she does it free of charge. She's a great advocate for people with schizophrenia and mental health general so once again hats off to Dr Finch yes Gabe I want to ask you. First as someone who does not have schizophrenia. What is your takeaway from these past two episodes on the gender differences? I was surprised and I. I don't know why I feel like I shouldn't have been surprised. So I feel a little guilty but knowing the way that society treats the genders so heavily. Impacted the outcomes and the treatment for schizophrenia from diagnosis to treatment. Asking for help to getting care that really. Kinda put me on my on my rear little. Because it's just so sad. Both men and women have the same illness and yes. There's variants and the presentations etcetera. But the thing that made me I'm GonNa go with saddest is that the outcomes were different based on how society effectively sees men and women. And it's like. Wow just just wow no. I agree with that completely. We obviously all know the society and you know we have these different ideals in our heads but yet to see how it can really affect people who are dealing with serious mental illnesses. It's definitely eye opening. I say the past two episodes for me have been very fascinating because there are so many factors that are out of people's control and where you're talking about form hormones that the body creates like to how your body actually processes the medications. Learning to thrive with schizophrenia is not as simple as take your pills every day. It's not as simple as make sure you're going to the doctor. You can be doing everything right. You can be doing everything correctly. Be Taking your medication on time. Be going to the doctor religiously and the deck is still stacked against you. And that's frustrating. It's a depressing. Say The least situation to be in in those times. That's when it's time to change the game. I love how Jason hit on how he used to hate it when people would ask him what he did work wise and then he came to the realization. That wait a minute. He's a mental health advocate. He works with veterans. He's leading a council for veterans and he's an author public speaker and it just goes on and on and that's like so much that's amazing like he does all this incredible stuff and I don't know that gave me so much hope gay. It's easy to just kind of look at the negative. What maybe someone isn't doing and not pay attention to all of the amazing incredible things that they are and to your point when you say that it's easy to look at all the negatives in somebody's life and ignore the positives we have to put that on ourselves right. It's it's easy for us to ignore our own positives and only focus on. The negative is much as I would. Love to say that. Stigma and discrimination against people with schizophrenia is. All External. There is an internal components and I agree with you when Jason realize that he was doing all of this volunteer work in his community and Jason was using his experience for so much. Positivity is specially in the veteran community the fact that he can work with veterans and understand both the mental health aspect and the veteran aspect. It makes him a hot commodity and him realizing that obviously paid huge dividends for him so I would put a challenge out to everybody listening. Find the thing that you and you alone are uniquely good at and powerful and and keep that in mind. That's awesome absolutely gave. Well put very cool. Thank you so much for listening..

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