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That's how he responded by beth two years ago give me your favorite rocket fiber little gun billy joel but you know my answer was just taken though magomadova now billy joel brilliant work with me and work you know word gray let's get this let's get the show on the road we got lisa in watchung on new jersey oil 155 lisa eager rare what happening oh god i you doing are you doing hey you know as earlier like echo boy our acumen hurt that really awesome know you'll make your my view off battery lisa i want you to get tickets more than anything but started party right let down that i'm gonna go with new jersey one on one point five new jersey one all one point five all right up bad this one maimed in new jersey one on one point five precent aladi that not all we fish use body corks what he catches now would that be a dennis malloy be judy franko c bill spadea or d eric scott well we return on dennis malloy on brennan uh my arm thank you i'm gonna go with my second question i'm going to pay eric eric sky oh boy although the visual verse god sitting in a boat with the fishing hough talking into the fish jim is in north brunswick under jersey on on point by with a jerry we will prime good how you doing with south poetry all graham warmed one recruitment melted baseball game put his own but they give you know take it seriously no yankee low on exactly so what your category movie oh you i guess you are you ready for this one yeah all right danny devito character into wins is arrested for what a burglary blew a b unpaid parking tickets blue sea murder or d assault on arkham picker it is brad added a bad jump on i got an open slot one eight hundred two eight three one on one.

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