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Soft soft. Yeah I mean that's really I mean you don't you don't have any kids now. No no kissing single. What are you going to do when you have kids in this environment? I think that's why I've been scared even have kids. It's just I don't want him to be raised like this. You know and grow up like this. And this you know this safe-space era where you know people it. Just they're soft you know they don't WanNa they don't WanNa stand up for what they believe in. They don't want to speak their mind what they think because they're scared of what other how other people judge him for what the what they think really should be. I agree or disagree. I could sit down with someone room right now. We could have a conversation even if you don't believe in what I'm wearing and you don't have the same opinion me. We still sit down. Have a chat and and talk about things is but that's not how the world is these days. It's a crazy world that that they're letting they're talking about normalizing things like gender changed but they wanted Demata or demonize Moniz things like the president or guns or rice right. I mean who actually under their new world under their new world order You and I can get into the ring together all you. Yeah produce you episode. Identify won't be covering self identifies as a woman and you would be allowed to me in a ring and they are calling that progress so aside from visiting the truth what do you do for you and your private time. You're on the dating ups Nominating hanging out and just have good stats where you'd have good stats on the dating scene. you know just just trying to not I'm committed committed to the grind and I love to work hard. Just you gotta earn the American dream you know and you know his starts every day from the morning I wake up. You know I'm thinking about how I can get better now. I can better myself and how it can make America better how you know I can make my craft better still just. It's everyday process and I believe in my process at trust the process and and I'm just working hard I wanna I wanNA make everybody that believes in me in that is on my side like the trumps are on my side. Troops are on my side. I will make them Mohapi. WanNa make them proud. You know just like the trump's there they can't even go to a normal sporting event. They can't go sit ha a half court in a basketball game 'cause Lebron COMP and trying to attack him of course he went attack them if I was there the they can't even have a normal sporting experience. Because you know I mean people hate him so much so it you know that's that that gives me so much. Joy is to be able to give them a normal reporting experience where they can come out and watch me fine and have a good time and hang out and just enjoy themselves. You know them personally. What are they like very humble very very real people like they're not what the media makes him out to be? They're not these people that yet. They have tons of money but they don't act like they're just regular people you know. They're they're good husbands. They're good dads and me. I see they brought their kids out to the thing and I see the way. Their kids are very well mannered in good good race children just like super good kids. I had such a great time with them. And they're just normal people you know they treat you like normal people. They don't act like they're better than you and they just they're down to Earth they're humble you know in and that's why I respect them so much because you know some these tablets like an NFL NBA upon outlawed athletes. They act like they're on a pedestal. Like they're better than people because they have fame and they have money and they have title. That's not how the trumps are. They act like regular people no better than the janitor in the building right and I think that that's sort of what they hit at in the heart of America wishes people that were feeling like a bunch of elitist were deciding for the rest of America you know and and like we were too good to fly over states you know and I say that almost as an attack on myself because I used to think that that I was so educating I I was born in New York so I could born on the coast I never saw the rest of America so my reality was simply New York City and Little Stanford Connecticut where I grew up. And your for some reason you think that the rest of America is like behind and dumb and uneducated all those stereotypes what the south is right. And you think that you have it right in your so educated because you go to school. Can you understand the way that things should be. And you understand the plight of black Americans and pick another ism the plight of women And then I you know gratefully for me. I had an awakening and I realized wait a second. I've always been conservative. I believe in hard work. I don't believe in handouts and I find the argument that we should be giving handouts to be it undermined mind individuals. It takes away the spirit of what it means to humanity what humanity actually is. The human spirit wants to fight wants it wants to champion it. Wants is to tell that story of I was making five hundred dollars. It was my last fight like the glory of that. That's what People WanNa take away when you talk when you're talking about socialism right. You're talking about taking that away saying we're all going to be the exact same everyday. Why why get up right? Why what about now? You worked all everything that you have now is because because you worked one of I just like hey come goes to this guy. He hasn't done anything soap that in. Yeah it's crazy. They're giving participation trophies left and right these days it really are. Are you optimistic or pessimistic. About the future I'm optimistic. I think that I think they were going into the right direction. You know look at unemployment. You know it's the lowest has been since the sixties or economy's booming. You know the troops are doing well. We have you know America's the American and dream is alive and well and I think that I think this is going to continue to thrive in and people that WanNa work in our for or work in earn it. You know they're going to get whatever they want to get out of life and I have to ask you this question just because you are so feared what is your biggest fear of spiders. Wow so already just went into my brain. That's crazy ridiculous snake. Kansas snakes snakes issue really remember member no I grew up in Oregon and like out. We see Gar Garner snakes and run out screaming alums like corners. They don't even bite the little things you know. How do you know vaguely vaguely gardener? Snake the same way that with rats. There's something about rats I don't care. Don't tell me that they're not scary. They're scary. It's the way they like skedaddle. Data is the way they skedaddle like squirrels. Everyone's getting around the bushy tailed allegations allegations of ood. What am I afraid of? You know what I used to be afraid of flying got over that because now I travel five five days a week. I'm not afraid of too much but I really. I don't like rats and I I really am. I'm fearful of like the the masculinity thing really gets going like as I see it and I'm not saying to be jokey like we're breeding different men here like they're really wimpy that wearing shirts that say feminism is for everybody there Vegan. I'm singers anything wrong. If you are Vegan. I'm just saying that it is like there's just a lot of weird stuff happening right now and it's something to pay attention to but I'm optimistic about it because we're here we're talking about this. We've got this amazing belt between us. So nobody's GonNa mess. EPISODE WILL NOT GET TROLLED S. Right we wrap every every episode by allowing you to leave a message for the world so if there's one thing that you want to inspire everyone to do right what is your what would be your call to Action Colby Covington so he's GonNa put the two minutes on the clock. Don't look at him. You might get nervous. You're going to look at that Cameron Johnson in front of you. You make me nervous nervous. I have not effect on piece. You'RE GONNA look in that camera and you're gonNA leave a message for the world's ready set world I give you Colby Covington and to the world I would just say that. Follow your dreams and in your heart and what you believe in you know I dream when I was a little kid that to be world champion as a wrestler and fighter and I never gave up on those dreams. I worked hard for every single day. Nothing was given to me and there was no handouts along the way it was blood sweat and tears to get to this point in my career and and just never given up on on what you believe in and stand up for what you believe in because you know no one else's opinions matter the only opinion opinion that matters is your own and you should have your own freeth on this world. Ladies and gentlemen. That's a wrap thirty five seconds with Colby Covington nobody. He's just two minutes two minutes I could go on and on and on. Thank you guys for watching latest episode of the candidates Owen Show. I hope you guys enjoyed the conversation as much as I did. As many of you guys already know prager you is a five one. C Three nonprofit organization which means we need your help to keep all of our content free to the public. Please consider making a tax deductible donation today I would really appreciate your support..

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