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In order to create just an extra arm in the bullpen but again that is going to affect the starting rotation because now brandon woodruff is not here and when you send a guy to the miners he has to stay in the minors for a certain amount of time before he is eligible to return to the big league roster unless he is replacing a player who gets injured the idea of being is you can't take you can't take your five man rotation and after every single start send that guy to triple a and replace them with the next day starter there's that's obviously not fair so there are rules in place that when you send a guy to the minors they have to stay in the minors for a little while before they are eligible to be able to return so brandon woodruff outside of some sort of injury which you hope that doesn't happen but outside of some sort of injury brain would drift is not going to make the next start for the crew when that number five spot comes back around so who is going to make that start and water maybe the long range implications of the fact that the team is cindy brandon woodruff down and they also seem to be wanting to keep hey seuss dealer on the roster which impacts the pitchers on the roster as well we'll talk about that next we'll take your phone calls as well if you're oh how are you feeling right now about the way the team is pitching more there has been some struggles especially with starters four one four seven nine nine one six twenty that's four one four seven nine nine one six twenty that is the accurate mortgage talk and text line we are live at miller park this is wisconsin sports weekend and we're back with more in just a moment here on wtmj the brewers are just stewart the voice of the brewers bob euchre's on the call is the rival recycled a vision showdown brewers team day coverage starts today at two thirty i'm here to play in october the brewers play here and the associated bank brewers radio network can pm what is wisconsin's best contractor for replacement windows citing.

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